Monday, September 28, 2009


so, it's finally fall. and i haven't posted anything on here in forever.
but, i'm making efforts to get the ball rolling again.
i gave my blog a minor face lift, to keep things pretty.

i don't think i can stress enough how happy i am that it's fall.
i'm just ready for a change of scenery.
and my birthday!
which is swiftly approaching.
here is my 21st birthday wishlist!

i've been wanting a pair of toms forever.
don't know why i've never bought a pair.

this yarn. it'll be great for hats and scarves. soooo cozy.

i love this duvet cover. and i need it.
my puppies are wrecking my comforter!

these sweaters from old navy. love them all.

and last, but certainly not least!

i think that's all!

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