Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years eve!

well, happy new years ever everyone! i have been such a busy bee with work and the holidays and everything happening here lately.
but, it's new years eve and i actually don't have to work for once, so me and my bestie are going to parrtttyyyy! and our idea of partying is going to denny's around 9 pm, coming home, watching something on tv, and maybe drink a margarita. we're really wild and crazy!

it's a new year. and i've been thinking about a lot of things that i wanna do/accomplish.
here goes!

Goal list for 2010:
- save a lot of money and buy a kit and supplies to start screen printing. I've already dreamed up a name for myself, "pioneer printing" so, i think that's pretty legit. screen printing is something that i've wanted to do since about the 10th grade. and that's been about 6 years ago.

- renovate my basement. i need one half of it to be my living space. and i need another half of it to be my work space. 
- learn to sew! this is a really major one.
- make time everyday to make something.
- update my blog on a daily basis.
- figure out how to better balance my work life and doing leisure things.
- get an etsy shop going.
- potatoes are my passion in life. like, i'm completely obsessed with potatoes in every form. on august 3rd, i decided to stop eating french fries. and i have been completely 100% successful. so, i'm going to make the effort to stop eating potatoes that are filled with other things. no more loaded baked/mashed potatoes. no more hash browns. i'm going to try to lay off the grease, in general.
- heres the big one! i would really like to stop working a conventional job by the time i'm 23 years old. i know there are ladies out there who have really successful lives creating/selling their products online. as well as their vintage finds. this is my dream in life. i want to be self sufficient doing what i love doing. i know it's going to take a lot of hard work, but i think i'm ready for it.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i have zero holiday spirit. i am so over it.
but, yesterday i saw this christmas three and i yelled. i love it so much. this season, i am in love with white trees. and since a little tot i have been obsessed with color coding everything i own.

next year, my tree will look exactly like this. if i accomplish nothing else in december '10, i won't care. as long as i have a christmas tree that looks like this, i will be completely satisfied with life. i'm not even kidding.

i received this little beauty from nathan. it's even prettied in real life. looove it.

i did finish up all my christmas shopping today. i spent a whopping 75 dollars on gift cards. which are the greatest/easiest gift you can buy someone. it's a lazy gift. and for the most part, i'm lazy in spirit.

more than anything, i am just really, really looking forward to a new year. i'm planning to make it an excellent one.

Monday, December 21, 2009

more new bangs!

this is the i'm tired/bored/need a shower edition.

still loving them.

today is monday. christmas is friday. i still have presents to buy/wrap. need a paycheck. jeez.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

i finally took the plunge!

after months and months of wanting straight across bangs and being too lazy to go get them cut, last night i decided to chop them off myself. i'm very pleased!

me and harry. what a duo. looooove it.

movie time.
see ya.

Friday, December 18, 2009


it is snowing like crazy outside! and i loooooooove it! i also love that i don't have to work tomorrow, so i can have the laziest day ever! i'm totally going to enjoy it.

one week until christmas. i'm reminding myself it's only one day. 24 hours. it comes and goes. and it's going to be an entire year until it's here again. i have a really hard time convincing myself to love the holidays. i don't ever remember loving the holidays, or hating them. i just don't really have an opinion about it. i just know i could do without it, because they stress me out so much. maybe i'll eventually get into the swing of things.
but, i am happy to give everyone the gifts i got them.
still have a couple more things to buy. nothing major though.

i don't think i wanna take my christmas tree down. i think i might just leave it up and decorate it for all the seasons and holidays throughout the year.

Monday, December 14, 2009


isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen?

anyways, i'm teaching myself to crochet solely because these afghans are so pretty. i want one, so, i'm going to learn to make one.

sooooo pretty. gotta learn to do it. i know it's very super time consuming, which is something i don't really have a lot of these days. but, i really wanna learn how to do it.

also, does anyone know anything about screen printing?
fill me in.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


what a day.

everyone that could be rude today, was rude.
i got cussed out over an expired $3 dollar off coupon.
ripped a new asshole because some batty lady that was upset because all of our bags of candy said "happy holidays" instead of "merry christmas", and that didn't settle well with her because she loves jesus more than anything in the entire world, and she is tired of people with different religions than her getting their feelings hurt over the expression "merry christmas". she said "if i can't have jesus on my bag of candy, i'll leave it at the store to rot! i don't want it!"
welll, ok. leave?

i just wanna go to bed, but i'm not tired in the least bit.

finished nathan's and april's christmas shopping/stocking.
still have brother, sister, brother-in-law, and baby jonas to buy for.
christmas is 9 days away.

ex boyfriends are gross.

i miss nathan. don't really know when he's coming home.

bah humbug.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

i've tried so hard

not to get sick this winter. working at walgreens had me paranoid because so many sick people come in and out there daily. so, i've been hand sanitizing like crazy, cleaning my counter off with disinfectant spray every hour or so. drinking lots of juice.

today my throat is burning so bad. runny nose. ear ache. ugh.

i cannot get sick. i cannot get sick. i cannot afford to get sick.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

holiday shopping!

last night after work i decided it was time to do some christmas shopping. i ended up just picking up some stocking stuffers for april and nathan. both of them just happen to be the absolute hardest people to shop for because they have everything they want. if they want something, they go buy it. and i'm just the opposite. i want everything and talk myself out of buying pretty much everything. it's a really bad habit. and also kinda a really good habit. sometimes.

christmas checklist!
mom - finished.
brother - haven't started.
sister, brother-in-law & baby jonas - haven't started.
april - nearly finished.
nathan - nearly finished. still debating on a few things.
amanda - finished.
april's dad & girlfriend - haven't started.

i guess i have a lot more to buy then i thought. and definately not enough money. i got paid yesterday and don't get paid again until the 23rd. i figure that i will finish april's and nathan's this weekend. and not worry about my brother's or april's dads until the 23rd. i know that's totally last minute, but they're both just getting gift cards. and i can buy those at my work. so, i'm not worried.

i'm probably not going to get to enjoy the holiday anyway because i'll most likely be working christmas eve and christmas day. but there's always next year, i suppose. and i hate the holidays anyways!
i hate miley cyrus and vampires.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

first snow of the season!

me and april took advantage of it!

today i was off work. so, we got up early this morning, got ready, and enjoyed the day! we went out for lunch and i ordered my first alcoholic drink for the first time, ever. and it was noon. ha! i'm glad i was with april and her mom. they were the perfect company. i was nervous. but, i'll have to admit it was delicious. and so was my burger. mmmm mmmm good.
we went to a junk/variety store place and it had some pretty good stuff. i didn't find much though, because i talk myself out of buying nearly everything. but, i did up leaving with a new pair of pajama pants. then we went to a peddlers mall, and april's mom bought me a real cute thermos for christmas. loved it.
i've been knitting since i got home this afternoon, all while watching harry potter. and i'm proably going to get into one of those kicks where i'm harry potter crazy for a month or so. i can't help it. i just think it's so badass. especially the prisoner of azkaban. i love the shit out of that stuff.
i'm tired. and i have to work tomorrow. 3:30 to 11pm. and then i work @ 8 am the next morning. what kind of sense does that even make? jeeez, i just LOVE walgreens.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

my cell phone plan has been officially switched to at&t. which means...

i've wanted one of these beauties for way, way WAY too long. sure, i can't really afford it now, but i will be able to soon. and i will love it more than anything in the world, ever.

updates to xmas wishlist include:!
 these iphone cases.



that's all.