Monday, June 21, 2010

this girls got woe.

First of all, i want to thank everyone who left nice little comments concerning my kitty Paul, and my last post. Your kind words meant a lot to me, so thank you!

Moving right along, i have a question. Do you any of you ever have an overwhelming need to stand out? Here lately i feel like i've lost my individuality and my creative juices entirely. I haven't really figured it out, but i'm blaming it on my job. I have to wear the exact same outfit as everyone else, every day. I work such weird hours, that i end up sleeping until the middle of the afternoon. My hangout hours don't really start until about midnight, and it's hard to motivate yourself to get out of pajamas, just to watch a movie at home with your boyfriend. Before i started this job, i used to craft atleast every single day. Now, I find myself knitting about once every couple of weeks.

It's so weird, but i am dying to make it known to all of my coworkers that i'm a weirdo. Atleast, i would be to them. I want to set myself apart from them in the biggest way that i know how. It's really hard for me to know that i have to look exactly like someone everyday, knowing that i'm completely different on the inside. At my previous job, which i loved more than anything, i could be myself, there was a dress code, but it was a lot less limiting to the one i have now, I felt like i still had a personality, and people knew who i was, and accepted it, and we were all one big happy family. It's so sad to me, but i really feel like i have lost part of myself because of a stupid job that i hate.

Have any of you gone through something similar to this before? I'd really like to know how you cope. My last two posts have been super complain-y, so I apologize for that. This is just something that has been bothering me for a while, and i thought i might as well go ahead and get it off my chest. I just need to know how to deal with this, i hate feeling like i'm just another fish in the sea.

xoxo, kara.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

holy emotional roller coaster!

This past week was all over the place. I had no intentions in taking a break from blogging, but this week was just so overwhelming, that i had no energy for anything.

Let's start with Monday:
- Our air conditioner broke last Thursday. It had been well over 90 degrees all weekend long, so the inside of our house was just completely excruciating. It was so so hot inside. Our landlord didn't answer my calls, so, a repairman wouldn't have the opportunity to come and fix the a.c until monday. So, we had a very long, hot, and exhausting weekend. Monday morning the a.c guy showed up, stayed for 3 minutes, i felt cool air coming out of the vents, and he left.

I come home from work at about 3:30am, the house is still feeling nice and cool. Very relaxing. Me and Nathan throw in a movie, and hit the hay. I wake up at about 10:30 am, completely drenched in sweat. Get out of bed, go to the hallway, check the thermostat. It says it's 86 degrees. At this point, i'm furious. The air conditioner is broken, yet again. I call the landlord, tell him what's going on. He cusses, acting like it's my fault the a.c is broken again. Tuesday quickly becomes one of the longest and hardest days i've had in a while. It just kept getting hotter in inside and out. There was absolutely no refuge. I talk to the my slumlord several more times throughout the day. He proceeds to tell me that he is going to have to install a brand new air conditioning unit in the house, it's apparently going to cost him $4,000 dollars, and it could be weeks before he puts a new one in. WEEKS?!@ ARE YOU KIDDING ME?>!?@
-Here is where is gets really bad.-
By about 6:30pm, it had reached 96 degrees, INSIDE OUR HOUSE. Mind you, we have two small kittens. Nathan looks over at me, and says "Kara, is Paul breathing?" (Paul is the cat, weird name, i know.) I look down at my little Pauly, and he is laying completely flat to floor, not moving whatsoever. I bend down, and start stroking him, no response. I called his name a few times, nothing. I picked him up, and his poor little kitty body was completely limp, it was like he collasped in my hands. Still no response at all from him. I started hysterically crying. I fell to my knees, put my hands over my face, and really cried. April, my roommate, started crying. She got on the phone with Chris, her boyfriend and our other roommate, and told him Paul was dead. He rushed home right away. Somewhere along the way, through all of our crying and sadness, we decide to take Paul, and stick him under the faucet in the kitchen sink.  He let the water pour down on him for a while, and then out of nowhere, perked up. He finally raised up his little head, opened his mouth to meow, but nothing came out. Then he jumped out of the sink, and walked off. So, after the cat literally almost died, i called the landlord back.
I was irate, and went off on him. He asked if we wanted out of the lease, and i told him i would talk to my roommates, and that he absolutely needed to give me our security deposit back. Obviously he didn't go for that.

I was off work Wednesday. April went to work that morning as per usual, and one of her coworkers wrote her a check for us to go buy a window air conditioning unit. It was seriously one of the nicest things anyone could have ever done for us. April cried. I cried. It was just so kind and so generous. Thank god for some of the people in this world who actually have heart. After April got off work we went out to dinner with Cousin Ashley. That was a nice little break from reality. After dinner we decided to drive around for a while and look for places that are renting. We ended up taking down a few numbers, calling a couple of people. We lucked out and found a house. Called the guy, and he was ready and willing to show it to us right then. Perfect! We went inside the first apartment, but it really wasn't what we were looking for. Then he mentioned having 2 more rental properties available, and agreed to show us them. The second house was the most adorable, perfectly retro little house i have ever seen. It was sooo clean and pretty. Everything was in tact. It was glorious. We were set. The rent on the house is a whole hundred dollars cheaper than what we're paying now. The gentleman told us that if we had 900 bucks, it was ready to be ours. BIG PROBLEM. Our landlord won't give us our deposit back. So, no money. No cute house. No air conditioning. More crying.

After a threatening phone call from an attorney to our landlord, our air conditioner was fixed. A crew of guys fixed it that morning, and were at my house for 6 hours. I accidently fell asleep on the couch while they were here, and i woke up with them eating lunch at my kitchen table. Go freaking figure.

I can't remember anything that happened.

So, our air conditioner is finally fixed. And hopefully for good. Our little Pauly is still alive, thank god. I know that none of us are happy living in this stupid house right now, but it seems like it's our only option until August 27th. That's when the lease is up. Please, cross your fingers that something works out, and quick.

Also, i'm sorry this post turned into a gigantic novel. It was just a really hard week, and blogging is the cheapest form of therapy that i'm currently aware of.

xoxo, kara.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

run kara run got a cute little face lift. so... you should check that out! i hope you like it!

it's not as personalized as i would like, but i did it all myself with the new blogspot designer deal. I think it's pretty cute, and almost exactly what i was aiming for, if i would have paid someone to do it(which i'm still really thinking about!). I think it looks a lot more classy than before and gives the reader a little something to look at. Now, if i could just figure out how to make a blog button, i'd be good to freaking go!

My air conditioner is still broken. So, i'm sitting over at Nathan's house until time to go to work. Then i've gotta go on back home. Not really forward to either!  I just can't wait until monday. That's when the little repairman is "supposed" to come fix the a.c. And he better come, or i am going to kill everyone. Totally not even kidding!

I've got to start getting ready for work.
xoxo, kara.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

(image found via weheartit)
Summer always has been, and always will be my least favorite season. I'm not a big fan of sweltering southern heat, or being drenched in sweat when i'm not engaging in any type of strenuous activity. It's just so darn uncomfortable! Don't get me wrong, i love swimming, camping, and getting my freckle-y glow on. But i could really do without the 100 degrees days. Especially when the humidity is, like, a million percent.

Today wasn't too bad at all. I think it was about 85 degrees, or so. But, my air conditioning seems to be broken. I take that back, it is broken. For the second time this year. So, not only is it about 85 degrees outside, it's also about 85 degrees inside our house. Our cats are practically dead. I'm practically dead. I called our "landlord" this afternoon. He didn't answer. I left a message. He never called back. SHOCKING! So, since i didn't get a hold of the landlord this afternoon, no one will come to fix our air conditioner until atleast monday. And i just happen to be lucky enough to have the one room in the house that DOESN'T have a ceiling fan.

kill me now.
xoxo, kara.

Monday, June 7, 2010

thrifty goodness.

I am very pleased to announce that i bought my very first paint by number this weekend! April, Cousin Ashley and myself all went to the Peddler's Mall Sunday afternoon, and we were not let down! Oh no, it treated us well! In the past i haven't found much there, and the things that i have found weren't very reasonably priced. Not for my pocketbook anyways. We all ended up getting a few things a piece, and i think we were all quite happy with our purchases.
As i mentioned, i bought my first paint by number painting this weekend. The second i saw it, my feet just darted in that direction. I don't think my brain even had time to process what was going on. I was completely estatic! I've been looking for one for so long. I couldn't be happier with this little guy.
It's price tag was $7 dollars. I thought that was pretty fair. To be honest though, it could have cost $20, and i probably still would have bought it. I was just that excited.
The paint by number wasn't the only thing i bought though. I also scored this little beauty. A giant Chenille blanket!
I'd say that it fits a queen size bed. My bed is only a full, and it hangs off right to the floor all around the bed. I thought it was so pretty, and i wanted it immediately because my Nanny has a blanket just like this. So, i was instantly in love. I was really excited to show Nathan, but he seemed less than thrilled about it. He is now referring to it as the Granny blanket, but i don't care. I love it. Let me tell you, it was a piece of work. It was covered in ugly fuzz balls, so i spent about 3 hours de-fuzzing it. By the time i was done, i had a fuzz ball about the size of a cantaloupe. No joke.
It's price tag was a mere $6.99. Who could pass up a deal like that? Not this girl. That's who.

In other news, Nathan and myself just got back from watching Get Him to the Greek. Over all, i would say it was fairly decent. There is a lot of debauchery going on in that movie. I think P. Diddy's(is that still his name? i really don't know.) part was my favorite. He was pretty funny. I'd recommend it for you folks who need a good laugh.

That'll be it for tonight. I'll talk with you cuties later!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 5th.

It's REALLY hot outside.

Nathan stayed over last night. We planned on getting up today around 12:30, but that didn't happen. I woke up right around 1:30, and nathan didn't get out of bed until sometime after 2. After laying around for a bit, we decided to get up and go get some lunch. We stopped and ate at subway, and i think a couple of pretty douche-y dudes were making fun of us. I'm not real sure, but i had the feeling that they were. They left right as soon as we sat down. I guess we were just too much for them to handle. I hate people. Anyways, we ate our lunch lightening fast, and decided to go on over to the flea market. We walked past some REALLY ADORABLE puppies. A pug puppy was calling my name. I guess the owner spotted my weakness and got the dog out of it's little cage, so of course i had to pet it. It was the cutest little thing in the world. I wish it was mine so so bad. As we were leaving, i decided a good name for it would have been Cecil. I want a new puppy. :(

Almost all of the pretty little things that i have in my urban outfitters wishlist are on sale now. Really decent prices too.
This little guy got marked down from $40 to $36. So, that's not a whole lot. but every dollar counts!
This is just a silly little Ashtray. I don't smoke, so it would serve no real purpose. It's just very kitschy, and that's definitely my taste. It was $12, (which was too expensive, and wasn't in my wishlist before.) and is now $4.99, which is in definitely in my price range.
What's not to like about a bison shooting rainbows out of his eyes? That's what i thought. There is nothing not to like about that! It's $18 dollars, and not on sale. I really like it, i'm just a little weary about it. It's measurements are only 8x10. That's smaller than a piece of paper!
I'm obsessed with duvet covers. Honestly, i'm obsessed with any and all bedding. This particular duvet was a whooping $68 dollars, and it's current price tag is $29.99. That's more than %50 off! don't mind if i do!

I feel like i post A LOT about stuff i like from Urban Outfitters. I know i do. But trust me, there is more to my life than duvet covers and donkey ashtrays, i promise. I just really and truly love all things home decor. I would buy sheets and shower curtains over clothes and shoes anyday.

That's about all for today.
gotta get ready for work. :((((

Ps. I'd really like to get a blog layout and some buttons. I'm looking for something custom made to suit me and my blog. I've browsed around on some websites and found hundreds and thousands of layouts, and while some of them are very pretty, they're just a little generic to me. Definitely not enough edge for my tastes. So, If you happen to stumble upon this blog, and you or someone you know is a graphic designer and does blog makeovers, i'm very interested. I'm obviously willing to pay, but i cannot afford a small fortune!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

hello june!

Today is my lover's 20th birthday!
I'm really excited that he's finally twenty. (I don't feel so much like a cougar anymore!) We kicked things off last night with a home cooked meal of his choice, and a delicious birthday cake. It was all mighty tastey, even if it was just hamburgers and french fries. So, happy birthday Nathan! I LOVE YOU x 029349023742834. He's out doing his thing today since i have to work tonight, which is a huge bummer. Oh well. Gotta make that $$$$.

Today i woke up bright and early just to get pissed off, REAL FAST. A repair man was supposed to come to the house at 8 am to work on the gazillion repairs that our house needs. He didn't show up friday at 11 when he was supposed to. So, he called and promised that he would be here first thing today. Does he show up? No, he certainly doesn't. He's been called to our house several times in the past to fix things, and on the rare occasion that he actually shows up when he says he's going to, he promptly leaves saying he "doesn't have the right tools in his truck" and comes back a week later to fix things. It's so freaking annoying! It's not like he has to knock down walls, or install a toilet. It's just very small minor things. PLEASE STOP BEING LAZY REPAIR MAN. I JUST WANT A HOUSE THAT WORKS.

I'm eating delicious mexican food tonight before work tonight. I can't wait. YUM.
I've got to get ready. See ya later!