Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Summer always has been, and always will be my least favorite season. I'm not a big fan of sweltering southern heat, or being drenched in sweat when i'm not engaging in any type of strenuous activity. It's just so darn uncomfortable! Don't get me wrong, i love swimming, camping, and getting my freckle-y glow on. But i could really do without the 100 degrees days. Especially when the humidity is, like, a million percent.

Today wasn't too bad at all. I think it was about 85 degrees, or so. But, my air conditioning seems to be broken. I take that back, it is broken. For the second time this year. So, not only is it about 85 degrees outside, it's also about 85 degrees inside our house. Our cats are practically dead. I'm practically dead. I called our "landlord" this afternoon. He didn't answer. I left a message. He never called back. SHOCKING! So, since i didn't get a hold of the landlord this afternoon, no one will come to fix our air conditioner until atleast monday. And i just happen to be lucky enough to have the one room in the house that DOESN'T have a ceiling fan.

kill me now.
xoxo, kara.


  1. ew no air that's terrible. that happened to memphis last year. there was a huge storm and tons of electricity got knocked out, then when it came back the air was completely broken upstairs (where i'd sleep) and it was tur-ubl!
    i'd pick myself up a nice fan :]

  2. i have a fan, and it's literally so hot in my house that it feels like it's pushing out hot air! it is miserable!

  3. oh gross that's exactly how it was for me last year i had one and i was so very frustrated because it was so loud & everything.
    i hope that it gets fixed for you soon!