Sunday, January 31, 2010

ten new loves!

before i get "ten things i love sunday" going, i'd like to talk real briefly about how terrible the weather is. the weather is really terrible. and i really wish it would just go away. right now! i didn't expect to get hardly any accumulation, because i live in southern Kentucky, and we never really do. oh boy, we did this time though! right around six inches. and it is being an incredible pain in my ass. i am so beyond over it.

and now, on a lighter note
"ten things i love sunday!"
"tv shows i grew up watching" edition!

1.The Cosby Show. I still watch this every single night when i get home from work. It's so funny! Thank goodness for nick @ nite!
2. Roseanne. For whatever reason, my mom wouldn't let me watch this show when i was a kid. but as a 21 year old, i love it a lot. and watch it constantly.
3. I love lucy. Honestly, i don't think i could count the times i've busted a gut at this show. I really think Lucille Ball is one of the greatest comedians of all time, as well as one of the most gorgeous and inspiring ladies i have ever come across. i love her.
4. Mama's Family. I grew up watching this show, and i've always loved it. It's completely hilarious. I watch it every time i catch it on tv.
5. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I just love Will. And Carlton. Especially when he dances. And the old mom. the new mom was lame.
6. Saved by the Bell. This is basically a given. I don't think i know one single person my age who didn't grow up watching Saved by the Bell. Personally, i think the best episode is when Jessie takes caffeine pills and completely loses her shit.
7. The Golden Girls. I still watch this show on a regular basis. I think i'll be exactly like Dorothy when i'm older. 
8. Boy Meets World. Cory Matthews will always hold a special place in my heart. I like the later episodes when Eric is a chubby lunatic, and not a skinny ladies man.
9. Family Matters. You gotta love that pesky Steven Q. Erkle! It comes on Nick @ Nite right after the Cosby Show, so i get to watch this show pretty frequently still.
10. Dinosaurs! When i was a little kid i used to walk around the house saying "I'm the baby, gotta love me!" and causing mayhem one way or another.

This concludes my list.
They just don't make tv like they used to. I really miss a lot of these shows.
I hope you enjoyed!

Friday, January 29, 2010

freeeezy friday.

we're supposed to get TEN INCHES of snow this weekend. i think the blizzard is supposed to start sometime around noon/mid afternoon and not stop until we've accumulated somewhere between 6 to 10 inches. By sunday afternoon it's supposed to be in the thirties and sunny. so, i don't really know what to make of this. Kentucky has very unpredictable weather. i'll believe it when i see it!

snow is so pretty...
but so darn inconvenient. i hate feeling like i can't leave the house. granted, a lot of times i don't even want too. i just don't like the feeling that i can't.

current pet-peeve alert!
why is that nearly every time i search for something on i always get several naked girls as my results? it's just kind of annoying. i don't want to see a bunch of distasteful nudey butts when i'm looking for pretty snow pictures. ya know what i'm saying? have mercy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


i've been getting a lot of creativity time in here lately. and i rather enjoy that. i finished a scarf for my good friend dustin, and now i'm currently working on a set of scarves for my brother's girlfriend. And once those are finished, i'm making a hat for April's boyfriend.

i'm gearing up for an etsy shopping spree.
here is what i currently have in my shopping cart.

this set of vintage blue pillowcases. found at this shop.

this adorable flat sheet. found at this shop.

this print was mentioned earlier in my tattoo post. i want this little beauties REALLLL bad. be sure to check out this shop.

i did have about 100 more things in my cart. but, i guess other people liked them just as much as me and snatched them up. so, that's a little bit of a bummer. but, things like that tend to happen.

in the next few days i'd really like to go junking around for an afternoon. see if i can't find some stuff to suit my fancy. goodwill always tends to have a lot of sheets and whatnot. but the goodwill in my town is outrageously expensive. or so i think. paying nine dollars for an ash tray just doesn't make sense to me.

time to go watch lost! goodnight folks!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

more tattoos

i'm in a huge tattoo mood right now. i can't wait to start getting more.
here are some pretties!

i love tiny knuckle tattoos. it probably wouldn't be smart for me to get something like that now, but it would be something i would really like to get in the future. and just on one knuckle. i think it's very dainty.


 i have been in love with this for a very long time. and if i can save up the money, i want a tattoo like this, with a few modifications on either side of my chest. i think it's sooo pretty.

this is what i would consider to be a "bro" owl.


that's all for now. i gotta get ready to go to work. blah.

Monday, January 25, 2010

tattoo ideas.

for a very long time i have been thinking about getting a tattoo of a nesting doll. i stumbled upon this print on etsy, and it is just perfect. i'm in love with it. and just about everything else in the shop.

you can go here to see the original print. amazing artist. hopefully before the week is over, i'm going on a little mini etsy shopping spree. and i'll definitely be picking these little beauties up, as well as a few others.

i never want to stop getting tattooed. right now i have six, and would love to have about sixty more. but good tattoos aren't cheap, and my artist is forever m.i.a. so, that doesn't really help matters much. but, i'm finally back to the point where i'm comfortable enough with my money to start spending a little of it. so, i'm sure i'll be getting more tattoos in the near future.

on my left arm i have a ship(on the outside) and an anchor(on the inside) and i'd eventually like to get a ship wheel and a sailor girl. i think that would give me about a half sleeve and a half. haha. if that's even a real thing.

i'd really like to get those nesting dolls on my calves. i think that would be totally perfect.

now it's time to go watch every time i die dvd's with nathan. haha.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

new loves!

i had a bad day. and then i had a bad night at work. i'm hoping to remedy this with ten new loves.

ten new loves!
this week of new loves is inspired by valentine's day!

away we go!

1. sarcastic love.

2. old love.

3. nerd love. aka; the best love. (also, i seem to be finding prints like this everywhere!)

4. harry potter love.

5. movie love.

6. pillowcase love.

7. beatles love.

8. literature love.

9. mixtape love.

10. my love. mr. nathan. (he thinks i never say nice things about him in my blog.)

ok. so, those were my valentine's day loves.
hope you enjoyed. :)



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

goodness gracious.

i got home from work last night at about 4:30. i browsed around on the internet for about an hour, and laid down to go to sleep. around 7 am, i get a frantic phone call from nathan. here's how it goes.

me: (sleepy voice) hello?
nathan: (frantic, scary voice) kara, i have an emergency. i had some ear buds in, and some of it broke off. and it's in my ear kara. it hurts so bad, i can't get it out. and if i don't it's going to go to my skull. i might have to go to the hospital.
me: wait, what? i don't think it's possible for it to go to your skull.
nathan: it's all the way down in my ear canal. i'm on my way to your house, i'm driving like 90 miles per hour. it hurts so bad. oh my god, kara!
me: ok. be careful. i'll see you in a few minutes.

ok. so, i just stay in bed until nathan gets here. he barges in through my basement. in a complete state of panic. i get out of the bed.

me: ok, sit down.
nathan: no! no q-tips, you need tweezers. oh god!
me:( i walk over to the bathroom, where april is brushing her teeth, getting ready for work. we both exchange "are you kidding me? nathan is so crazy!" looks) i grab the tweezers, and walk over to nathan.
me: ok.
nathan: it's on the other side!
me: ok, lay down.

as soon as he lays down, i look in his ear and spot the little silicone piece that covers the part of the ear bud that actually goes into your ear.
i stick the tweezers in.
nathan: ahhhh! it hurts, kara!
me: good god, calm down!
i proceed to stick the tweezers back in and pull it out. this literally was an 11 second process.

bless his heart. he really thought he was dying. my mom was downstairs for this small surgery, and she told nathan i would make a good wife. i don't think he agrees. mainly because i thought he was being a lunatic.

i just thought i'd share this silly story.

Monday, January 18, 2010

new loves!

i decided last week that i was going to start doing a theme post on sundays, to give me a reason to get on the computer and post on here. and i failed. and only after one week. but, it wasn't my fault! last night things at nathan's house were particularly crazy, and blogging was about the last thing i thought about doing. but, today is a new day, and here is:

ten things i love monday!
1. Number one has an "a" and "b" part.
1a. Lost. I feel like it's all i have been talking about lately, but i just literally cannot stop watching this show. if you haven't seen it, then you are totally missing out.

1b. Sawyer! he is easily becoming my favorite lost character. hands down.

2. this picture. i stumbled upon it the other day. it just reminded me of when me and nathan started dating. we would always really awkwardly sleep on a twin bed in his friend's parent's house. now we sleep on a much bigger bed, at his house, and it's much more comfortable. but, it's just kind of adorable to look back and think about it.

3. My so called life. I remember watching this show when it came on "the n" when i was in high school. and i was totally in love with Jordan Catalano. even though he couldn't read. haha.

4. I have a new love for embroidery on paper. it's really neat and pretty.


5. this photo.

5. one word. Sandlot. enough said.

6. real legitimate mixtapes. with a record player, tape teck, and tapes.

7.  Persian cats. typically i call them smooshed face kitties. and i want one very, very badly. i think they are the custest animals in the world. i will have one!

isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen? thought so!

8. this is a very bizarre thing to love, but i really love danny devito. i really like it's always sunny in Philadelphia, and i every time i see him on that show, i get excited. he's so tiny and outrageous. i really love him!

9. I don't know if this is a print, or just an internet image. but either way, i like it. and if it exists as a print, i'd would definitely like to own one. my love for anything harry potter gets larger every day.

 10. today, nathan reminded me of my love for scooters. and i'm really glad he did. i really want one!
i mean, who doesn't want a vespa?

that's all for my ten new loves. hope you enjoyed it!

is this really happening?

last night got so crazy, that i didn't get around to posting the blogs that i wanted to. which is really kind of irritating. but, i'll post them tonight.
after i eat some dinner, of course.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

new obsession.

vintage sheets. i cannot get enough. in the last couple of weeks i have literally bought 3 sets. the only thing i want is new sheets. i asked nathan to buy me sheets for valentines day. every time i go out, i look at sheets. all i want is sheets!

i gotta have them all. one for every mood!


i guess i kinda went on a shopping spree today. which is really most unusual for me. i never go shopping for clothes. i always tend to talk myself out of things, but today i guess i just kinda lost control. i'm kinda freaking out a little. but, most of the things i bought were things i needed. actually, no not really. but, i'm going to tell myself that so i don't feel bad for spending so much money.

i bought:
-a set of vintage sheets.
-two vintage pillowcases.
-a new over the shoulder bag.
-a grey cami to wear underneath things.
-three different sets of christmas ornaments. (something i totally did not need. but they were so pretty. and 75% off. and i just couldn't resist.)

then i came home and did some online shopping. first i went to aerie, because they have the greatest underwear in the history of the world. all of their clearance was an additional 30% off. which made me wonder if american eagle was running the same sale. and of course, they were.
i bought:
-underwear ( but i won't go into detail, cause that's weird)
-a very pretty sweater.

-and a pair of motorcycle boots. FOR 20 DOLLARS. i was so pumped.

i've never been much of an american eagle shopper, but i just couldn't resist. i am obsessed with those boots. and have been wanting a pair for like, a year now. not even kidding. i just haven't been able to find the right pair. i think these will be totally perfect though. i can't wait for them to come in the mail! oh my goodness, i am soooo excited!