Tuesday, January 26, 2010

more tattoos

i'm in a huge tattoo mood right now. i can't wait to start getting more.
here are some pretties!

i love tiny knuckle tattoos. it probably wouldn't be smart for me to get something like that now, but it would be something i would really like to get in the future. and just on one knuckle. i think it's very dainty.


 i have been in love with this for a very long time. and if i can save up the money, i want a tattoo like this, with a few modifications on either side of my chest. i think it's sooo pretty.

this is what i would consider to be a "bro" owl.


that's all for now. i gotta get ready to go to work. blah.


  1. i have a disney princess tattoo saved on my netbook to show you. i keep forgetting.