Tuesday, January 19, 2010

goodness gracious.

i got home from work last night at about 4:30. i browsed around on the internet for about an hour, and laid down to go to sleep. around 7 am, i get a frantic phone call from nathan. here's how it goes.

me: (sleepy voice) hello?
nathan: (frantic, scary voice) kara, i have an emergency. i had some ear buds in, and some of it broke off. and it's in my ear kara. it hurts so bad, i can't get it out. and if i don't it's going to go to my skull. i might have to go to the hospital.
me: wait, what? i don't think it's possible for it to go to your skull.
nathan: it's all the way down in my ear canal. i'm on my way to your house, i'm driving like 90 miles per hour. it hurts so bad. oh my god, kara!
me: ok. be careful. i'll see you in a few minutes.

ok. so, i just stay in bed until nathan gets here. he barges in through my basement. in a complete state of panic. i get out of the bed.

me: ok, sit down.
nathan: no! no q-tips, you need tweezers. oh god!
me:( i walk over to the bathroom, where april is brushing her teeth, getting ready for work. we both exchange "are you kidding me? nathan is so crazy!" looks) i grab the tweezers, and walk over to nathan.
me: ok.
nathan: it's on the other side!
me: ok, lay down.

as soon as he lays down, i look in his ear and spot the little silicone piece that covers the part of the ear bud that actually goes into your ear.
i stick the tweezers in.
nathan: ahhhh! it hurts, kara!
me: good god, calm down!
i proceed to stick the tweezers back in and pull it out. this literally was an 11 second process.

bless his heart. he really thought he was dying. my mom was downstairs for this small surgery, and she told nathan i would make a good wife. i don't think he agrees. mainly because i thought he was being a lunatic.

i just thought i'd share this silly story.


  1. hahah, something similar happened to me about a week ago, i was cleaning my ears with a q-tip and i knooooow they say dont stick the whole thing down your ear but good god i cant help it, and BAM like the whole cotton part is literally down in my ear and i cant get it out, john my husband had to do the whole tweezer thing hah. But srsly it does freak you out!!!

  2. hahaha aw boys! they are SO ridiculous. my boy would do the same thing!

  3. allie- i have the same q-tip problem! i cram those suckers down in my ear as far as they can go!

    kaelah- boys are so outrageous! i looove him to pieces though!