Monday, November 30, 2009

xmas wishlist.

it's almost christmas. i haven't really thought about much that i want. but, i figured i'd make a wishlist anyways.
so, here goes!

i love all of these shirts. the last one is definitely my motto for life right now. i really want the "my life rocks" shirt and the "fix health care or die" shirt. i'm too broke to buy them, though hahaha. they are the shiiiiit. check out the website for more.

still want some tom's shoes.

hair extensions. i want looooong hair so bad.

i also really, really REALLY want a sewing machine. i'd love to be able to sew and make all kinds of cute crafty things. i'd also like to have sewing lessons. hahaha.

i really need new bras. badly.

that's really all i can think of right now. i need to go shower and get ready to leave for the night. see ya later, folks.


i have a whole list of things to blog about later.

right now i just need to find the motivation to get ready for work, and deal with old ladies who throw fits when they think their coupons haven't saved them as much as they should.

i love my job. :|

Friday, November 27, 2009


pissed off. angry. over it.

at the end of the day, and more than anything ever, i wish that not every other member of my immediate family was a total doucher. it would be really nice to have a support system and come home knowing that if i mess up, there are people waiting to help, encourage, and motivate. sometimes it gets really hard trying to do good and be the best person i know how to be when i have no role models, or any reason to practice when i'm 'home'.

it's hard to always keep a postitve attitude. but i am trying my best. and that is the only thing i can do. so, i guess that is just going to have to be good enough.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

real quick!

i need to be getting ready for work. and i just saw this on and i wanted to post it.

i was really happy to see this. i figured the ideal size for a man would be like, a two. i'm glad it isn't though. i'm definitely not! but i just thought these ladies were sexy. and i wish my butt looked a lot more like Anna's. hooray for sexy average sized ladies!!! 

today is turkey day.

and i have to work.

buuut, before i go here are a couple of things i'm thankful for.
-i know i've been nonstop complaining about working at walgreens, but yesterday i got my first paycheck and it was glorious. and it was much MUCH more than i expected it to be. i just wanted to rip it out of my managers hand and go christmas shopping right then and there. so, even though it's shitty, i'm very thankful to have a job and a paycheck.
-i'm thankful for nathan mckinney. and i hope we're life partners forever. 4 1/2 years of friendship and 1 1/2 years of crazy wacky dateship. loooooove you.
-i'm thankful for april d. ridner. and i hope we're best friends forever. 8+ years of friendship. luh you.
-i'm thankful for my sister, my brother-in-law and their baby jonas. the cutest baby in the galaxy.
-i'm thankful for new friendships. hey heather!
-i'm also kinda thankful for having to work today so i don't eat way way waaaaay too much.

black friday shopping in the morning. kinda scared. i've never been. and don't really know what to expect. i just hope someone doesn't try to stab me over a television set. i just wanna find some good deals!

i have to get ready for work now. have a happy turkey day!

Friday, November 20, 2009

nephew jonas!

tomorrow is my nephew's first birthday. i'm bummed that i have to work the whole day, but i do get off in time to make it to the party. i just know it's going to be so precious. he's adorable.

Also, today i got a bunch of new craft pretties all for one dollar. so, that was really exciting!  hopefully i can get motivated and get things going. blah. gotta go!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


is this comforter real? if this thing exists, i want it. and i want it now. i'm not even kidding. love, love, love it.

help me find it in real life? please?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

christmas tree!

i hate the holidays. i admit, i am a total scrooge. but, i am excited to put up a tree. i'm really into colored trees this year. can't wait to decorate!

ok. i think it's fair to say that i am obsessed with these white trees. i'm fairly positive that 3 of these pictures are the same tree. but it's just so pretty. i want a white tree this year. they're just so gorgeous. totally in love with these trees.

slightly refreshed

yesterday was a total shit day at work. a bunch of old men yelled at me because they apparently think walgreens is too expensive and confusing. i just really wanted to say "take your business elsewhere, i don't give a fuck!" it's not my problem. anyways, walgreens sucks. SUCKS. luckily, i was able to vent to April and Nathan. they're good for that.

las night i came home and listened to andrew jackson jihad. wonderful band. it really lifted my spirits. they're so amazing, and even better live. i think everyone should check them out. they're total perfection.

i was so exhausted, i went to sleep before 11:30 and didn't wake up until 10:30 this morning. i feel like i am just staying totally worn out from work and nothing about the job, other than a paycheck every two weeks is worth it. i did get a minute to work on some craft endeavors last night, which was good and refreshing. i was just too tired to get much done. i think i'm going to get a planner. i always have a really hard time balancing my life between work and doing the things i love. it's just hard for me to figure out how to make time. or when i do have time i want to sleep or hang out with my friends. i wish i could stay totally inspired all of the time.

my sister is in town from kansas right now along with her husband and my adorable nephew jonas! cutest kid in the world. she'll be here until after thanksgiving. then she leaves. holidays stress me out so much. i'm certain that i'm working thanksgiving this year. not sure about christmas yet.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


so, yesterday was my 21st birthday. and i spent it starting a new job at Walgreens. I'm very thankful for finally having another job. i'm so stoked to start getting regular paychecks and not being dirt poor. I don't want to complain, but so far i'm pretty sure i hate everything about it.

i might just be spoiled. but, i loved my first job more than anything. i had about 15 coworkers. everyone knew one another, for the most part, we were friends. a lot of us hung out afterwork. we were a tight knit family. and i know that walgreens can never provide that. today was only my second day, and i kinda feel like a lunatic, but sometimes you just know things. and i know i hate it. a couple of my new coworkers are friendly, but it's just a completely different atmosphere. ugh.

i'm trying my best to stay positive. the only thing that is getting me through is getting paychecks and being able to buy all my friends and family christmas presents. that is my driving force. i just hope things get better.

my first day off, i am staying in my basement and crafting all day. period.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


i'm officially 21.

not real sure how to feel about it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

girls night!

last night me and a couple of my favorite gal pals enjoyed a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel. totally delicious. totally, totally delicious. then we went over to Wal mart and picked up a few groceries for my birthday party this weekend. big 21!!! we were poking through the craft aisle, and it before we left Wal mart we ended up buying foam visors, glitter glue, and all kinds of other little decorating things.

here is the end result.

21st birthday on monday!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


i feel really happy right now. the last couple of days have been a real boost for my morale. it kinda seems like things are starting to sorta fall back into place. i'll have to admit, i am a little weary, because things have been really misplaced, or so it seems for a very long time. i'm just starting to feel a little more confident, like i have the power to choose where my life is going. and that's very exciting.

my life is nothing but a rollercoaster. one day, one minute, i am at my highest, then in a blink of an eye, everthing changes. my entire life could fall to pieces tomorrow. but that's ok, because i am happy tonight.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

exciting news!

i've been unemployed for a little over a year now.
i've been looking for a job.
but, nothing ever seemed to work out.
tomorrow, i have a job interview.
it's the first call back i've had since i've been looking.

i have to have this job.
i hope i get it!
keep your fingers crossed for me!

Monday, November 2, 2009

nothing better to do!

typically, i would never post a survey.
but this is with pictures. and i don't have anything better to do.

1. Where is your cell phone:
it's right next to me.

2. Your hair:
 is red. and straight. but i wished it looked like this.

3. Your mother:
she's upstairs. and that's about all i can say about her.

4. Your father:
is somewhere else. and that's about all i can say about him.

5. Your favorite food:
it's a toss up.
chinese take out.


any kind of breakfast food.

 6. Your dream from last night:
it was really weird.

7. Your favorite drink:

i cannot resist ice cold Pepsi.

8. Your dream/goal:
to become a better knitter/crafter. 
get a shop going on etsy.
and fully support myself, doing something i love.

9. What room are you in:
my bedroom.

10. What is your hobby:
knitting! thrifting! collecting yarn!

oh, and i also love getting tattoos.
which is something i always want more of.

11. What is your fear:
hmmm. i don't really know.

12. Where were you last night:
eating chinese food. 
watching the Informant!

and laying in bed.

13. Something you are not:
financially stable. :|

14. Muffins:
i love muffins!

so delicious!

15. Wish list items:
my 21st birthday is a week from today!

16. Where did you grow up:
Somerset, Kentucky!

17. Last thing you did:
I was grocery shopping with my best friend.

18. What are you wearing:
jeans. and a yellow and white striped thermal.
nothing very exciting.

19. Your TV:
isn't on.

20. Your pets:
i have 3 dogs.
but i really want:

a persian kitty!

21. Your friends:
are my family.

22. Your life:
hasn't been the easiest.
but, i don't think i would change it.

23. Your mood:

24. Missing someone:
well, sure!

25. Vehicle:
yeah, about that.
i wouldn't mind having one of these.


26. Something you’re not wearing:
i'm currently make up free!

27. Your favorite store:
i don't think i really have a favorite.

28. Your favorite color:
something in the green or teal family.

29. When’s the last time you laughed:
probably earlier today.
i don't really remember.

30. When’s the last time you cried:
yuck. one night last week.

31. Your best friend:
April and Nathan are my besties.

32. One place you go over and over:
I pretty much go everywhere over and over.
i always forget something.

33. One person who emails me regularly:
no one!

34. Favorite place to eat:
i prefer to eat at home.

35. Where do you want to be in 6 years:
i just want to be somewhere i love.
with the people i love.
doing what i love.