Monday, November 30, 2009

xmas wishlist.

it's almost christmas. i haven't really thought about much that i want. but, i figured i'd make a wishlist anyways.
so, here goes!

i love all of these shirts. the last one is definitely my motto for life right now. i really want the "my life rocks" shirt and the "fix health care or die" shirt. i'm too broke to buy them, though hahaha. they are the shiiiiit. check out the website for more.

still want some tom's shoes.

hair extensions. i want looooong hair so bad.

i also really, really REALLY want a sewing machine. i'd love to be able to sew and make all kinds of cute crafty things. i'd also like to have sewing lessons. hahaha.

i really need new bras. badly.

that's really all i can think of right now. i need to go shower and get ready to leave for the night. see ya later, folks.


  1. TOMS are my favorite shoes ever. I have I think nine pairs at this point and I've stopped wearing any of my other shoes :)

  2. well, i'm totally jealous! i've always loved them, but for whatever reason never got around to getting a pair. i defintely gotta get some!