Monday, March 29, 2010

fat days.

I feel like i've been ran over with the low self esteem bus. The last few days i have felt terrible about everything. Yesterday i was feeling fat and gross and thought my boobs looked weird and saggy. Today i still feel fat, but haven't really given much thought to the saggy boob part of it all.

I tried to go through some old pictures tonight to assure myself that i wasn't as gross as i thought i was, and that i was just being a silly girl. Then that idea turned into an epic fail, when i realized i looked fat and gross in all of them! I know i'm just being a wacky woman, I never really feel gross or fat, because i know that i'm not either of those things. I guess i'm just having one of those days. I'll walk by a mirror and catch a glimpse of myself and get grossed out, when typically i would have never even given it a second thought. I hardly ever have this mentality, so, i wish it would just go away already! I want to get back to normal!

Hopefully i will snap out of this rotten mood immediately. In the mean time, here is a photo dump of the gorgeous Christina Hendricks.
Check out the curves on this woman.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well, today has certainly been a lazy day, and kind of monumental all at the same time!
Today rent was due. So, me and the roomies got all of our money together. We had all been pretty stressed about not having enough, but of course we did. I knew that we would, but this month was so financially and emotionally draining. I'm so happy it's finally over and we made it. I know things will be a lot easier in the coming months, and we'll all have a little extra breathing room as far as money is concerned, and that's always lovely!

Me and April are planning a late spring/early summer shopping spree on May, 16th. We picked a date and a time already, so we have something big to look forward to. We wrote it down in our planners, and we're going to save every nickle and dime we come across so we have plenty of money. We're both really excited because last night we discovered that there is an H&M in Kentucky! Who freaking knew! Granted, it's 3 hours away, but the mall has an H&M, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Wet Seal. The closest Forever 21 is over two hours away, and the closest Wet Seal is over an hour away, and we didn't even know that there was a H&M or a Charlotte Russe in the state until last night! So, we're pretty much sold, and don't care how long it takes to get there!

Have you guys seen this commercial?
It's for the new Amazon Kindle. I think the commercial is so pretty, and really inspires me to knit for some reason. I love all the colors, and the adorable little song. It also makes me want a Kindle even more than i did before! They're pretty reasonably priced, but for some reason i thought the downloads would be cheaper. It's $9.99 per book, and in a lot of cases a few extra dollars would buy you the actual book. I'd really like to have one though. I think i'm going to ask for Amazon gift cards for my birthday and christmas this year!

It's about time to get ready for work. So, that's a little bit of a bummer!
I'll see you fine folks later!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

500 Days of Summer

I finally watched 500 Days of Summer last night.
I know, i'm a little behind. That's fairly usual for me.
I don't ever seem to watch, listen or read anything when it first comes out.

There were some really cute parts.
But i wasn't sold on the end. I'm ALWAYS rooting for a happy ending.
And it just doesn't happen in this movie.
And that bummed me out.
I wanted Summer and Tom to get married!
Overall, it was very adorable, but wasn't what i had imagined at all.

What movies are guys watching? I'd love some suggestions!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I had such an off day yesterday.

Everything was going fine until about 5 pm, when I recieved a bizarre text message from a friend i hadn't spoken to in a while, and it just really threw me for a loop. I thought he was texting me to genuinely apologize, and i had hopes that we were going to try to make amends, but the whole conversation just left me very confused and bewildered. I would have loved to clear the air, but as i found out, it wasn't work that way. After everything was said and done, i left like he text me just to try to pick a fight with me. That's the part that i can't wrap my head around.

Work was... work last night. I was non-stop busy the entire night. My co-workers were picking on me, maybe a little too much, and that got to me. When normally it wouldn't have at all. I just felt a little weird all night long. I was too busy thinking about what happened earlier in the day, and it totally ruined my night. After work, me and nathan went to Waffle King, and that proved to be a terrible idea, as i woke up this morning with a disgusting stomach ache, so bad that i ending up spending about an hour in the bathroom. Eventually i was able to fall back asleep, and didn't wake up until sometime after 3. I woke up with my stomach ache absent, so that was glorious.

So far, spring isn't starting off the way i had hoped. I've had a lot of bad days!
I wish i was listening to Taylor Swift right now. (Shut up, nathan!) She's adorable.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

weekend recap.

Yesterday was easily the nicest day of the year. It was about 70 degrees, and one of the best afternoons i've had in a while.
( this photo was taken on our new front porch! )

We did a lot of running around yesterday. We started off at the mall, but that was a total bust, as usual. Then we went to Sonny's and had some delcious barbeque and sweet tea. Recently, our tiny little town got a vendors mall, so we decided to venture over there and check it out. And boy was it worth it! There was a little booth with a lot of old records in it, and my heart literally about stopped when i stumbled across these.
All for 6.99 a piece. I figured they were well worth it. So, even though i'm beyond broke right now, i justified to myself that i needed to buy them, because i might not ever stumble across these records again. 28 dollars well spent, if you ask me.
I was so surpirsed that the vendor's mall had so much cute junk. I could have easily spent 500 dollars there yesterday. No joke. I found an adorable couch and chair set from the seventies, that was in incredible shape, and very comfortable for $125. Then we stumbled upon a very pretty silver formica table that i totally FELL IN LOVE with. I guess the owner lady was there, and she was working in her booth, and wanted me to fully understand that it was vintage, and that it was going to be expensive because it was vintage. I GET IT, OK?
We found a bunch of other cute little knick-knacks and what-nots. I wanted to buy a bunch of stuff. Just didn't have the money! I do plan to go back though. And i do plan to drop some serious dollars.

Chris (one of my roomies) should be home later this evening, (he had a show in nashville) Nathan and Dusty are both coming over for a poker party later tonight. That should be real fun, cause we haven't had one in ages. So, that's something to definitely look forward to.
I've got a lot accomplished this weekend, and i need to work on some more stuff before the festivites start this evening.
so, you guys have a lovely sunday afternoon!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The weather is beautiful today. Not a cloud in the sky. It's a little chilly, but it's nothing that a cardigan won't fix!

But for whatever reason, i woke up in a not-so-happy mood this afternoon. I went to bed a little aggravated last night, and it seems to have carried over into this morning. I think i have been letting myself get too down in the dumps over a certain situation. It's nothing that i can really delve into, because it's a very personal situation, and i don't think the other person involved would enjoy reading it on here. I just hate feeling like there is nothing i can do about something. I don't just want to sit around and wait forever to see what happens. I want straight answers. I want to understand where you're coming from. Tell me your reasoning? I'm tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. And that's basically all i get. If i had some answers, and didn't feel like you were just saying stuff to not hurt my feelings, and constantly beating around the bush, i'd feel a lot more confident about the situation.

Since i'm feeling blue, here is a photo dump of one of my favorite things to make myself feel a little better.
yep. i feel better already.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello blog folk. This is my "I just got off work, and it's 5 am. I'm really happy to be at the boyfriend's, eating pizza face!"
(incase you couldn't figure it out, i'm waving. i'm happy to be blogging!)

Work wasn't terrible tonight. It went by pretty fast. Nothing terrible happened, and nothing extraordinarily awesome happened either. It was just an o.k evening.

I think i have run across this quote about 3 million and seven times on the internet. And i every time i read it, i love it.

I think it's so pretty and incredibly honest. Has anyone ever read anything by John Green? I've looked him up before, and i really think i would be really be into his books.  If you've read any of his books, let me know what you think! What else are you folks reading? Suggestions, please!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

no sunday love day.

Lord have mercy, I have done nothing but sleep all day! Time changes never sit well with me. I didn't have one single thing that i needed to do all day, so i don't feel bad, not one little bit, for sleeping all day. I feel very refreshed!

Speaking of feeling refreshed, I am so excited for spring! I am so tired of cold, gray days. I need some sunshine in my life! It seems like i'm always excited for Spring and Fall. It seems to me that summer and winter are just really taxing seasons. Granted, there are a lot of fun things to do during the summer, but i absolutely hate being miserably hot. And i hate the feeling that i get during the winter. I think snow is beautiful, but i don't enjoy feeling like i'm trapped inside. Spring is just lovely, and i simply cannot wait for warmer days!

For the last couple of nights i have been trying to put together my "Ten things i love about sunday" post. I was hoping to mainly focus on pretty spring fashions, but i couldn't have been less motivated to do so. I just couldn't seem to pull things together. Which kinda bummed me out.

What are you pretty ladies looking forward to this spring? All i can really think about is new nail polish! I need to go on a HUGE shopping spree. I mean, massive. I don't think i have any clothes at all. It bums me out. What are you guys buying for the new season?

Friday, March 12, 2010

overwhelmed, schmoverwhelmed.

I feel like i have been gone from my little corner of the internet for so long, even though it's only been a little over a week. I spent an entire hour catching up on the blogs that i read daily. It was really nice and refreshing.

I'm finally and completely moved into the new house. Within the first week we had a catastrophic (at least i thought it was) plumbing issue. We had zero hot water for an entire week. And that was really, incredibly frustrating. After two handy guys, three different plumbers, and 4 holes knocked into our walls, 2 in the utility and 2 in my bedroom, the situation was FINALLY taken care of. Oh, i definitely had an emotional breakdown, and was very unhappy while all of this was going on. It was just a little overwhelming, actually it was a lot overwhelming. But, it's over. The holes in the wall just have to be taken care of.

The internet man came over the other day, and hooked it up. But, for some reason my wireless isn't working. So, even though our internet is working, it still kind of isn't because the wireless doesn't work and we don't have ethernet cables.

We still need a mail box.

And i feel like if i won the lottery, and i had 325 million dollars in my bank account it still wouldn't be enough to take care of everything. I'm very stressed about money. I have this constant feeling like i'm never going to have enough. I'm thinking about trying to find a second job. Ideally, i'd like to get a job bartending a couple of nights a week. My options are very limited there, considering we only have like, 3 bars where i live, and they're all slightly questionable.

All in all, i really have missed my little blog world. Hopefully i'll be able to start reading and updating on a daily basis again. And i really hope that my tiny audience hasn't forgotten about me. Please stay tuned!

Monday, March 1, 2010


So, as you folks know, we got the house. And i'm completely thrilled. We packed all of our stuff Thursday night, and were completely moved in by Friday night. I can tell you right now that i am completely, 100% exhausted. Shew!

I've been missing the blog world tons. We don't have internet at the new house yet and all of our neighbors have their wireless protected. So, that's a little bit of a bummer. We should be getting internet soon though. But right now, we have bigger things to worry about. For instance, the hot water heating not working properly and possibly having a plumber knock out one of our kitchen walls tomorrow to fix a leaky pipe. Ugh.

Other than that, things are going pretty well. I wish i could fast forward to next month, and feel a little more secure about my money situation. I'm sure everything will be fine though.

I have to go to work now, but hopefully i can get back on here in a day or two.
i miss you guys!
oh, and pictures of the house later!