Sunday, March 21, 2010

weekend recap.

Yesterday was easily the nicest day of the year. It was about 70 degrees, and one of the best afternoons i've had in a while.
( this photo was taken on our new front porch! )

We did a lot of running around yesterday. We started off at the mall, but that was a total bust, as usual. Then we went to Sonny's and had some delcious barbeque and sweet tea. Recently, our tiny little town got a vendors mall, so we decided to venture over there and check it out. And boy was it worth it! There was a little booth with a lot of old records in it, and my heart literally about stopped when i stumbled across these.
All for 6.99 a piece. I figured they were well worth it. So, even though i'm beyond broke right now, i justified to myself that i needed to buy them, because i might not ever stumble across these records again. 28 dollars well spent, if you ask me.
I was so surpirsed that the vendor's mall had so much cute junk. I could have easily spent 500 dollars there yesterday. No joke. I found an adorable couch and chair set from the seventies, that was in incredible shape, and very comfortable for $125. Then we stumbled upon a very pretty silver formica table that i totally FELL IN LOVE with. I guess the owner lady was there, and she was working in her booth, and wanted me to fully understand that it was vintage, and that it was going to be expensive because it was vintage. I GET IT, OK?
We found a bunch of other cute little knick-knacks and what-nots. I wanted to buy a bunch of stuff. Just didn't have the money! I do plan to go back though. And i do plan to drop some serious dollars.

Chris (one of my roomies) should be home later this evening, (he had a show in nashville) Nathan and Dusty are both coming over for a poker party later tonight. That should be real fun, cause we haven't had one in ages. So, that's something to definitely look forward to.
I've got a lot accomplished this weekend, and i need to work on some more stuff before the festivites start this evening.
so, you guys have a lovely sunday afternoon!


  1. I was at the mall yesterday AND the Vendor's Mall! How did we not run into each other?! Anyway, you're right, the Vendor's mall does have some cute stuff which is surprising to me. Joshua's momma works there on weekends.

  2. I was totally shocked at how many cute things i found. i loved it. and i'm not sure at all how we didn't run into each other! i wish we would have!