Friday, March 12, 2010

overwhelmed, schmoverwhelmed.

I feel like i have been gone from my little corner of the internet for so long, even though it's only been a little over a week. I spent an entire hour catching up on the blogs that i read daily. It was really nice and refreshing.

I'm finally and completely moved into the new house. Within the first week we had a catastrophic (at least i thought it was) plumbing issue. We had zero hot water for an entire week. And that was really, incredibly frustrating. After two handy guys, three different plumbers, and 4 holes knocked into our walls, 2 in the utility and 2 in my bedroom, the situation was FINALLY taken care of. Oh, i definitely had an emotional breakdown, and was very unhappy while all of this was going on. It was just a little overwhelming, actually it was a lot overwhelming. But, it's over. The holes in the wall just have to be taken care of.

The internet man came over the other day, and hooked it up. But, for some reason my wireless isn't working. So, even though our internet is working, it still kind of isn't because the wireless doesn't work and we don't have ethernet cables.

We still need a mail box.

And i feel like if i won the lottery, and i had 325 million dollars in my bank account it still wouldn't be enough to take care of everything. I'm very stressed about money. I have this constant feeling like i'm never going to have enough. I'm thinking about trying to find a second job. Ideally, i'd like to get a job bartending a couple of nights a week. My options are very limited there, considering we only have like, 3 bars where i live, and they're all slightly questionable.

All in all, i really have missed my little blog world. Hopefully i'll be able to start reading and updating on a daily basis again. And i really hope that my tiny audience hasn't forgotten about me. Please stay tuned!

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