Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello blog folk. This is my "I just got off work, and it's 5 am. I'm really happy to be at the boyfriend's, eating pizza face!"
(incase you couldn't figure it out, i'm waving. i'm happy to be blogging!)

Work wasn't terrible tonight. It went by pretty fast. Nothing terrible happened, and nothing extraordinarily awesome happened either. It was just an o.k evening.

I think i have run across this quote about 3 million and seven times on the internet. And i every time i read it, i love it.

I think it's so pretty and incredibly honest. Has anyone ever read anything by John Green? I've looked him up before, and i really think i would be really be into his books.  If you've read any of his books, let me know what you think! What else are you folks reading? Suggestions, please!


  1. I'm almost positive I seen you and nathan today. I was going to text you but your number seems to be one of many that my cell phone lost a couple weeks ago.

  2. Really? Where at? I wish we could have seen you! we miss you, jackie!

  3. You guys were turning to get off 27 it was around 4:30 or so, if it wasn't you guys you may have twins! I miss you guys too!