Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I had such an off day yesterday.

Everything was going fine until about 5 pm, when I recieved a bizarre text message from a friend i hadn't spoken to in a while, and it just really threw me for a loop. I thought he was texting me to genuinely apologize, and i had hopes that we were going to try to make amends, but the whole conversation just left me very confused and bewildered. I would have loved to clear the air, but as i found out, it wasn't work that way. After everything was said and done, i left like he text me just to try to pick a fight with me. That's the part that i can't wrap my head around.

Work was... work last night. I was non-stop busy the entire night. My co-workers were picking on me, maybe a little too much, and that got to me. When normally it wouldn't have at all. I just felt a little weird all night long. I was too busy thinking about what happened earlier in the day, and it totally ruined my night. After work, me and nathan went to Waffle King, and that proved to be a terrible idea, as i woke up this morning with a disgusting stomach ache, so bad that i ending up spending about an hour in the bathroom. Eventually i was able to fall back asleep, and didn't wake up until sometime after 3. I woke up with my stomach ache absent, so that was glorious.

So far, spring isn't starting off the way i had hoped. I've had a lot of bad days!
I wish i was listening to Taylor Swift right now. (Shut up, nathan!) She's adorable.


  1. :[
    i feel bad that you had a crummy evening.
    once in a serious blue moon, i'll get a text from someone (i talking like once a year) and will try to communicate but it's usually to just scrutinize (sp?) me, so i've just stopped replying to any numbers i've deleted/people i dont care for.
    but i do hope you have a better day today and the rest of teh week.
    Taylor looks lovely in those pictures!!

  2. i really hate it when that happens. people can be so mean. hooray for taylor swift though!

  3. Taylor Swift? I would have expected better from you, Kara! I'm glad your stomach ache is better. And I'm sorry that people are cottonheaded ninnymuggins.

  4. Please don't be mad at me, Tarah! she is my greatest guilty pleasure! Cottonheaded ninnymuggins truly are the worst.

  5. I understand. We all have 'em. I just don't see where all her awards are coming from! She's so sweet though, it really is hard not to like her as a person.

  6. yep. i think that's why i love her so much. she just seems really sweet and genuine. unlike lady gaga. YIKES!