Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Under the weather.

This last week has been really weird for me. It seemed like every day i had was a bad one, i couldn't get out of my funk. I was sleeping a lot later in the day than i normally do, not really following my daily routines. Me and Nathan got into a gross fight, and i ended up getting my feelings hurt pretty bad. Sunday, i had the entire day off work, and i woke up feeling like crap. I told my roommates that i was emotionally and physically under the weather, and we spent the entire day laying in bed and watching movies.
And then the week was completely over. Almost entirely wasted.

I've been second-guessing myself a lot here lately, especially when it comes to this blog. I feel like i've kind of lost my voice as a blogger, and i'm having trouble seeing why i really do this. I've always wanted to have a blog, and write, and connect with people, but it seems like a lot of my posts are forced, and i'm sure you can see that too. I've been trying lots of new things, like Wednesday Wishes and Friday Favorites, but i always end up getting stressed out because i never know what to wish for, or i can't think of what my favorite things are right off the top of my head. I don't feel like i'm connecting with anyone.

I feel like a lot of the things that i'm interested in aren't things are are popular in the blogger world, and that's completely fine. But i want to post about those things, and i want to find other bloggers who enjoy those same things. I guess i'm having a hard time finding my "crowd."

I'm not trying to be pathetic. This is just how i feel and there isn't any use in trying to cover it up with a daily outfit post. (although, those are fine too!) This is just something i wanted to get off my chest.

And here's a print i really love, so this post isn't just me complaing.
you can find it here.

xoxo, kara

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Wishes!

Well, Hello folks! It's time for another installment of Wednesday Wishes. I'm very happy to report that this Wednesday didn't sneak up on me like the previous ones. This week i was ready for it!

Wednesday Wishes!
1. I wish that in the next 8 days i could get 9 more people to follow my little blog. That way it would even out to me having a new blog follower for every single day in the month of September! I think that would be really awesome. I'm crossing my fingers big time for that one!

2. I switched face washes the other day, and my skin had an awful reaction to it, and now i have a cluster of about 6 zits on my chin. I'm REALLY wishing that those would go away. and FAST.

3. Typically, Sunday is a day of pure relaxation for me. This week i'm wishing for lots of motivation on Sunday. I have so much housework that i want (need) to get done. I've got a "project" box sitting full in my bedroom floor, and i really wanna tackle that. Get some stuff on the walls, do a little redecorating.

4. I wish that on my future thrifting expeditions that i start to only buy things that i really love, instead of everything that i think is kinda cute and .25 cents. I come home, and all of a sudden my house looks like a flea market. Not good.

that's all for today.
xoxo, kara

Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Favorites: Holga Edition

First of all, i want to thank everyone who commented on my last post. I appreciate all of your very informative comments, and i appreciate it greatly!

I've been doing my research today, and i think i'm really leaning towards getting a holga camera. After looking at so many Holga related things, i was inspired to do my Friday Favorites post on them.

Friday Favorites: Holga Edition
1. I found this website to be very informative. It's basically where i got all of my information. I reccomend that if you know nothing about Holga or Diana cameras, like me, that you check it out.

2. The website offers a special White Stripes version of the Holga camera.
This is the "Jack" camera.
And this is the "Meg" camera.
I think these cameras are so pretty. They're a package deal and they come with lots of goodies, but they're very expensive!

3. Here are a few pretty Holga images just for good measure.
aren't they pretty?
xoxo, kara

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Wishes!

I can't believe that it's already Wednesday. Seriously, i have no idea where the time goes. I can't keep up with time at all anymore. It's so so sad.

But, here it is Wednesday Wishes!

1. I bought some brand new OPI nail polish yesterday. I painted my nails last night, and they're already chipped. Totally freaking chipped. Luckily, i found the bottle of polish at a thrift store, so it only set me back .50 cents. I've never owned an OPI polish, because i'm SUCH a cheapo. But, now i'll never buy any! So, i guess i wish my nails weren't chipped!

2. I've had such an off day today. Nothing really went wrong, but nothing really went great. It was just so blah. And everyone was really getting on my nerves. So, tomorrow i wish that i have a much better day.

3. After developing other people's film all day, every day, i've decided i'd like to buy a Holga or a Diana camera. I don't know anything at all about either of these, so i wish i had a lot more knowledge on toy cameras. And i wish you fine people would educate me! I don't even know which one i'm leaning towards. I just know i want one, because i love how pretty film can be. And i know that these cameras can deliver that.

Which one?!


4. I wish that i could save up a few more dollars to finish up my half-sleeve! I have been really dying to get tattooed lately. Well, i always want to get tattooed, but i really want to right now because my stupid boyfriend keeps getting awesome tattoos.

that's all for today guys!
xoxo, kara

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

movies i think you should watch.

Saturday night me and Nathan had a little impromptu date night. We went and got some very delicious chinese take-out, and then came back to my house and watched a movie. The movie was Date Night.
And it was HILARIOUS. Seriously, i thought it was so funny. I never stopped laughing. I love Tina Fey, and I don't think Steve Carrell can ever do anything wrong. Together they were dynamite. They were really convincing as a couple, and i wish they would get married in real life and go on insane dates.

I went to my local used cd/dvd/bookstore today and found lots of movies i want to buy.
Away We Go
Almost Famous - It's got Phillip Seymour Hoffman in it. Seen it a million times. Gotta have it for my collection.
2 Days in Paris
The Kids are Alright.
... and some others. But, now i can't think!

xoxo, kara.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


30 Days of Me.
Day 5.
Show pictures of places you've visited.

Well, folks. To be honest with you, i can't remember the last time i went somewhere. I'm broke, my family is broke. We barely get along, let alone vacation together. But, I'd be more than pleased to show you a place i'm dying to visit.

Denver, Colorado
Doesn't it look lovely? Yes, i think so.

xoxo, kara

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Favorites!

Wow, it's already Friday. Holy crap, how did that happen. I've been complaining about how this week has felt SOOOO long. Somehow today snuck up on me!

Here we go- Friday Favorites!
(I'm totally geeking out for this edition of Friday Favorites. Just a little heads up.)
This week is dedicated to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. To be honest with you, there isn't many more things i love in life more than Harry Potter. It's got to be right up on there on my all time list of favorite things. I love it. The 1st installment of the 7th movie comes out in just a little over two months, and i couldn't be more excited!

Official Movie Poster.

I. cannot. wait.
xoxo, kara

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

broken furniture.

Well, the stupid futon broke. So, I guess that means it's time to put my big girl panties on and a buy a real couch. ugh.
I like this couch. It's from Urban Outfitters and it costs $588 dollars.

And i'd like to have this rug to go with it.
It's also from Urban Outfitters and it costs $49 dollars.

Urban Outfitters is stupid, just like the broken futon, because they're so expensive.
ugh, again.

xoxo, kara

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

fall etsy love.

I've been browsing through etsy for inspiration on outfitting my home for fall. I've found lots of things i really love, so i thought i'd share some of them with you.

A pretty wreath for the door.

One of my all-time favorites, pom-poms!

A picture for the wall.

Something to help keep warm.

Pretty bowls for baking.

so pretty.
xoxo, kara


30 Days of Me
Day 4.

What are your bad habits?
(making this face is a bad habit.)

I would say that my absolute worst habit is procrastinating. I wait until the very last minute to do so many things, then everything starts piling up, i start freaking out and going into panic mode. Then i have to take about 15 minutes to get my head on straight and work like crazy until i get everything done. I definitely don't get any type of rush from this, working under stupid pressure really isn't my thing. I totally need to work on this.

xoxo, kara

Monday, September 6, 2010


30 Days of Me.

3. Post pictures of you and your friends.
(We actually got in trouble for taking this picture. Apparently you're not supposed to take pictures in Claire's.)
This isn't really pictures of my friends. But these are pictures of me and my best friend. I love her more than life, she's my roommate, my sister, she's pretty much just everything. totally love her.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Favorites!

Today has been a really fun, non-stop day. Me and April ventured up to Lexington, she had some business to take care of and then afterwards we went shopping, and of course it was a bust. I didn't find any "jeggings". I did happen to buy just about one of everything in the home department of Target though. They had so much cute stuff, and for soooo cheap!

Anyways, moving right along...

Friday Favorites!
Star Wars: The Trilogy.
1. Han Solo being his sexy self.

2. Little Luke Skywalker. So precious.

3. Badass Princess Leia.

4. The whole gang.

I'll tell you what, they just don't make movies like they used to.
xoxo, kara


30 Days of Me.
Day 2.
Where did your blog name come from?

Well, Kara is my name. When i was a senior in high school, i watched Forrest Gump for the first time all the way through. And, i really liked it. So, i just started changing everything over to Run Kara Run! Then i got a blogspot, and i wanted a simple name. So, Run Kara Run was just a natural choice. That's just about all there is to it.

xoxo, kara.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


30 Days of Me.

Just about everyone i follow is participating in this 30 Days of Me deal, so i thought i might try to get in on the action too. I think it seems fun, and kinda interesting, so why not, i say!

Day 1 - Recent picture of yourself and 15 random facts.
(i look SO hateful. :|)

1. I develop photos for a living.
2. I paint my nails about twice a week. I've become ocd about it because i've painted them so much, my nails are so gross. they're all yellow and icky looking. So, i constantly keep them painted. Once they start to chip, i take it off and paint them again. It's a never ending cycle.
3. I'm really cheap, and i will never buy anything that isn't on sale, no matter how much i want it.
4. I love to cook for people. When i cook something, and i can tell that someone enjoys it, it makes me really happy.
5. I hate shopping, because i get really easily overwhelmed in stores.
6. I only get a professional haircut about twice a year. I typically always do it myself.
7. I've yet to go to college, because every single day i want to be something different.
8. I have a strong passion for interior design, yet my house is always in shambles.
9. I love all animals. No matter what kind, i love them. Especially dogs, and even more specifically, mutts. I love mangy little dogs. I can't say no to any animal ever. And i always cry when i see Humane Society commercials on tv.
10. I'm in love with Harry Potter and Star Wars.
11. I like things to be color-coded and in alphabetical order.
12. I have a totally insane family.
13. I do not like tomatoes, at all. I think that they have the most digusting texture. Totally gross.
14. I live my life totally and completely drama free. I don't deal with it. And if there is someone in my life, who likes to stir the drama pot, then i totally remove them. I hate it.
15. My favorite color is green.

that's all for day one.
xoxo, kara.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

wednesday wishes!

Holy cow, it's September!

So, without further aduei, i bring you the very first installment of Wednesday Wishes!
1. I wish that i had the entire Philip Seymour Hoffman dvd collection. I own several of his movies, but i gotta have more! It's so weird to admit, but i have THE BIGGEST CRUSH on him. Totally in love. I mean seriously, how can you resist this guy?

2. I wish that i could fast forward to tomorrow night, and skip my dentist appointment. I'm pretty sure i'm going to have to get a root canal. It would be pretty neat if i could just skip that awfulness all together.

3. I'm going shopping on Friday, and i really wish that i can find a decent pair of jeggings. I really hate the word "jeggings", i think it sounds so gross. But, i really want a pair to wear with boots. I'm really scared that they'll make my backside look fat, lumpy and just gross! So, we will just have to see.

That concludes my wednesday wishes!
Short and sweet.
xoxo, kara