Wednesday, September 1, 2010

wednesday wishes!

Holy cow, it's September!

So, without further aduei, i bring you the very first installment of Wednesday Wishes!
1. I wish that i had the entire Philip Seymour Hoffman dvd collection. I own several of his movies, but i gotta have more! It's so weird to admit, but i have THE BIGGEST CRUSH on him. Totally in love. I mean seriously, how can you resist this guy?

2. I wish that i could fast forward to tomorrow night, and skip my dentist appointment. I'm pretty sure i'm going to have to get a root canal. It would be pretty neat if i could just skip that awfulness all together.

3. I'm going shopping on Friday, and i really wish that i can find a decent pair of jeggings. I really hate the word "jeggings", i think it sounds so gross. But, i really want a pair to wear with boots. I'm really scared that they'll make my backside look fat, lumpy and just gross! So, we will just have to see.

That concludes my wednesday wishes!
Short and sweet.
xoxo, kara


  1. Oh how funny! Katie (Unkamama) LOVES PSH too! She has had a couple posts about him. I think he's pretty rad too.
    (Also, I kinda wish I could take your place at the dentist- like in coffee and cigarettes)

  2. PSH!
    he's such a cool guy i feel like he's an older gent who's also a totally young at heart hipster? i could see him drinking at the cafe in a bookstore and that laugh!
    aw root canal? make sure you keep everything in tip top shape after the appointment. (i'm a tooth care maniac)
    jeggings do sound gross & weird to me too, i bought some from Aldo for my sister & i do play around with but thereare tons of better quality ones everywhere, i think there's also ones that are more spandex pants but designed beautifully to look like jeans if that makes any sense :)

  3. Alexis- turns out i didn't have to get the root canal! my tooth is still alive and kicking, and in perfect shape! hooorrray! And i totally know what you mean about the jeggings. I want them to fit more spandex-ish but look just like regular jeans, not like sweat pants. ya know what i'm saying?

  4. haha i'm such a creepster. i randomly found your blog by just clicking through everyone's sponsors aaand i thought i'd mention that I MET HIM! i worked at barnes and noble through the holiday season in kingston, ny and he paid at my register. it was pretty awesome.

  5. artichoke- YOU ARE SO LUCKY! seriously, i would have died. i am sooooo jealous of you!