Thursday, September 2, 2010


30 Days of Me.

Just about everyone i follow is participating in this 30 Days of Me deal, so i thought i might try to get in on the action too. I think it seems fun, and kinda interesting, so why not, i say!

Day 1 - Recent picture of yourself and 15 random facts.
(i look SO hateful. :|)

1. I develop photos for a living.
2. I paint my nails about twice a week. I've become ocd about it because i've painted them so much, my nails are so gross. they're all yellow and icky looking. So, i constantly keep them painted. Once they start to chip, i take it off and paint them again. It's a never ending cycle.
3. I'm really cheap, and i will never buy anything that isn't on sale, no matter how much i want it.
4. I love to cook for people. When i cook something, and i can tell that someone enjoys it, it makes me really happy.
5. I hate shopping, because i get really easily overwhelmed in stores.
6. I only get a professional haircut about twice a year. I typically always do it myself.
7. I've yet to go to college, because every single day i want to be something different.
8. I have a strong passion for interior design, yet my house is always in shambles.
9. I love all animals. No matter what kind, i love them. Especially dogs, and even more specifically, mutts. I love mangy little dogs. I can't say no to any animal ever. And i always cry when i see Humane Society commercials on tv.
10. I'm in love with Harry Potter and Star Wars.
11. I like things to be color-coded and in alphabetical order.
12. I have a totally insane family.
13. I do not like tomatoes, at all. I think that they have the most digusting texture. Totally gross.
14. I live my life totally and completely drama free. I don't deal with it. And if there is someone in my life, who likes to stir the drama pot, then i totally remove them. I hate it.
15. My favorite color is green.

that's all for day one.
xoxo, kara.


  1. tomatoes are so awkward.
    people just eat chow down on them and add stuff on it like salt or sugar and I'm just like "that looks so good but it's so slimy!"

  2. You are so pretty! that hair is to die for!

  3. alexis- tomatoes are so slimy! that's exactly what makes them so digusting to me!

    justine- thank you so much lady! you're just as sweet as pie.

  4. I LOVE your hair! It looks so healthy and shiny and that color is sooo pretty with your skin! Gorgeous girly!