Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Wishes!

Well, Hello folks! It's time for another installment of Wednesday Wishes. I'm very happy to report that this Wednesday didn't sneak up on me like the previous ones. This week i was ready for it!

Wednesday Wishes!
1. I wish that in the next 8 days i could get 9 more people to follow my little blog. That way it would even out to me having a new blog follower for every single day in the month of September! I think that would be really awesome. I'm crossing my fingers big time for that one!

2. I switched face washes the other day, and my skin had an awful reaction to it, and now i have a cluster of about 6 zits on my chin. I'm REALLY wishing that those would go away. and FAST.

3. Typically, Sunday is a day of pure relaxation for me. This week i'm wishing for lots of motivation on Sunday. I have so much housework that i want (need) to get done. I've got a "project" box sitting full in my bedroom floor, and i really wanna tackle that. Get some stuff on the walls, do a little redecorating.

4. I wish that on my future thrifting expeditions that i start to only buy things that i really love, instead of everything that i think is kinda cute and .25 cents. I come home, and all of a sudden my house looks like a flea market. Not good.

that's all for today.
xoxo, kara

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  1. Ew what face wash? I have awful skin and I had to stop taking the antibiotics I got from my dermatologist. I've been meaning to buy a new face wash, and I don't want to get that one.

    My email is, by the way. I never get one here, sorryyyy.