Friday, August 27, 2010

news and announcements!

September is going to be a very exciting month for my little blog!

I'm going to be sponsoring Ms. Kaelah Bee for the month of September! I've been reading her blog for quite some time now (over a year, i think) and i finally decided that now would be a great time to start sponsoring her blog. She gets quite a bit of traffic over on her blog, and i'm looking to increase the traffic over here a wee bit, so it's a win-win situation!

In addition to sponsoring her blog, she made me a blog button. It'll be up on her blog, as well as mine on September, 1st. So, if you're feeling the love, you can grab and it and throw it on your page. Let me know, if you do so, because i'd be totally interested in swapping!

Since some stuff is changing in this glorious coming month of September, i'd like to announce that i'm going to be starting some new blog features including Wednesday Wishes as well as Friday Favorites. I'm totally jacking the Wednesday Wishes idea from Courtney, i hope she doesn't mind! The reason why i'm starting up (and hopefully sticking with) these new features is just to keep myself inspired and to have a reason to blog regularly and as often as possible.

In other news, today i visited Pugly Pixel for the first time, and i downloaded some really cute and FREE clip art images. I'm really excited to try to do something with these pretties.

The most exciting news about today is, I'M OFF WORK. OH YEAH!
xoxo, kara.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

my boyfriend hates fedoras.

Yesterday i discovered that my boyfriend thinks straw fedoras are stupid, and he will never like them. No matter what. So, that's a really big bummer for me because i happen to really like them and have actually been wanting one for a while. So typical. Nathan only wants me to wear skinny jeans and black flag t-shirts. :|

So, whats a girl to do? I'll probably eventually get one. Hopefully they're still in style considering i've wanted one for at least a year. Surely their time isn't up.

I mean, fedoras are cute, right?
xoxo, kara

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

blythe dolls.

Ok, i'll just be honest with you. I think blythe dolls are really cute. I think it would be really fun to collect them because you can personalize them in every single way you can think of. You can change their eye color and hair color. You can buy all sorts of cute little outfits for them, hats purses, shoes. Seriously, pretty much anything you can think of, your little blythe can have.
Ok, so Blythe Dolls are cool. Tonight i was reading up on my blogs, and someone who i read regularly was posting something about selling her blythe doll. It intrigued me, so i kept reading and did a little research of my own. (Mind you, i never had any intentions to buy one, i was just curious.) These babies are EXPENSIVE! I mean, i had a feeling they were pretty pricey, but i didn't know they were that pricey. The dolls start around $165 and that's just for the doll. No accesories. I seriously cannot believe that they are so expensive.

Now i just think they're totally freaky!
and so am i.

xoxo, kara.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

bad news bears.

I've got good news and bad news.

First, with the good news.
I got my bangs cut today. They just keep getting shorter and shorter. I really like them. Pictures soon! (I'd take them tonight, but my forehead is nasty, red and puffy because i had to get my eyebrows waxed. yeeeouch.)

Ok, here's the bad news.
Remember that little (terrible) trip i took to the emergency room a few weeks ago? Yeah, it sucked. Anyways, i applied for the med-assist program, which basically helps people who have a low income and without insurance pay their bill. And in most cases, it usually pays the entire bill. So, i filled out all of my paper work, turned it in, and they told me almost immediately that i had been accepted, and that my bill would be taken care of. A couple of days later, a med-assist representative from the hospital called and told me that she needed copies of my pay stubs to prove that i bring home what i say i bring home. So, i took them over there. She copied them, faxed them off to someone else, gave them back to me, and i left. I never heard another thing about it. SO, this afternoon my mom calls me, like 8 times in a row. I'm at work, so i excuse myself to go call her back. She's worked at the hospital for over 30 years, so she knows her stuff. She tells me that i have an outstanding balance of thousands and thousands of dollars, because the med-assist lady claims that she never got any of my pay stubs. WHAT!?@! I immediately go into panic mode. Then my mother proceeds to tell me that med-assist gives you ten days to comply with all the paper work. If you don't do it within the ten days, then they automatically give you a seven day extension, and when that's week is over, it's over. Bottom line- you're stuck with a whopper of a bill. Ok, so my mom tells me that i'm on my seventh day of the extension, and if i don't have pay stubs turned in by 4:30, then i'll have a $20,000 hospital bill. TALK ABOUT LOSING YOUR MIND. I WENT BANANAS. Mind you, it was 4:08pm when she told me this.

Somehow by the grace of god, i got everything taken care of just in the knick of time. I walked out of my mom's office this afternoon, with like 30 seconds to spare. I'll be on pins and needles until i find out if everything went through and will be taken care of.

shew, shew, shew.
what a day.
xoxo, kara

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First off, i'd like to apologize for my lack of posting. Since my little hospital/emergency room visit, i haven't been able to get feeling 100% better. I was working late night shifts at my work, but as of late, they've started working me day shifts. My body hasn't adjusted well to the change, and i'm constantly non-stop tired. No matter how much sleep i get, i'm tired. It doesn't make any difference. I'm just tired, tired, tired.

I'm so excited for fall. It has been about 300 million degrees in Kentucky every single day for about, literally 25 days now. It's too damn hot for just about anything. I've been doing a lot of online browsing for fall clothes. I whipped up a couple of polyvore sets to show you what i'm interested in.

I really like to dress like a lumberjack.

xoxo, kara

Saturday, August 7, 2010

lots of rest for the sleepy!

I cannot get out of my bed today.
I've been so tired the last few days, mainly because i've been working like a dog, and just cannot get caught up on my sleep. I got home this morning from work around 6am and went right to sleep. I woke up a little before two, got up and ate some lunch with the roomies. Then, got back in bed and went right back to sleep and slept until about 6pm. And i'm still completely exhausted! Plus, i've got to be back at work at 9pm!!

I was planning to go thrifting today but that was thwarted because my lazy bones didn't get out of bed. I am finally off work tomorrow and hopefully won't lay in bed and waste the entire day. Maybe i'll head over to the peddler's mall, and see what they have to offer. And maybe i might go visit my nanny. She's the best.

xoxo, kara

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

new discoveries.

I stumbled upon this artist when i was reading this blog. I highly reccomend that you check out both of them. I have simply fallen in love with this artist.

I'm actually planning to buy the 3rd photo (the owl and dagger.) as a piece of comissioned work and have it tattooed. Typically, my tattoo style is very traditional but i am just totally bananas over these. At the end of the day, good art is just good art. Not all of her work is owl based though, that's just what i'm drawn too. She has several Geishas, koi fish, pugs, and nesting dolls, there is something for everyone! I just think these are too adorable and would translate so well into a tattoo.
I just wanted to share, because i instantly fell in love.

xoxo, kara.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last night i went to the Emergency Room because i was having some pretty bad chest pains. (Mind you, i had heart surgery when i was 15.) I was turned away because i don't have any health insurance. The doctor told me to ignore the problems i was having, and then proceeded to make fun of the situation i was in, right to my face.

I, of course filed a complaint and cried my eyes out to a charge nurse that was actually trying to help me. Seriously, i don't think i have ever been so disrespected in my entire life.

xoxo, kara