Wednesday, August 18, 2010

blythe dolls.

Ok, i'll just be honest with you. I think blythe dolls are really cute. I think it would be really fun to collect them because you can personalize them in every single way you can think of. You can change their eye color and hair color. You can buy all sorts of cute little outfits for them, hats purses, shoes. Seriously, pretty much anything you can think of, your little blythe can have.
Ok, so Blythe Dolls are cool. Tonight i was reading up on my blogs, and someone who i read regularly was posting something about selling her blythe doll. It intrigued me, so i kept reading and did a little research of my own. (Mind you, i never had any intentions to buy one, i was just curious.) These babies are EXPENSIVE! I mean, i had a feeling they were pretty pricey, but i didn't know they were that pricey. The dolls start around $165 and that's just for the doll. No accesories. I seriously cannot believe that they are so expensive.

Now i just think they're totally freaky!
and so am i.

xoxo, kara.


  1. I was pretty depressed when I discovered the price of the Blythe dolls......they are so dang cute and kind of weird. I love weird. I just don't love $165+ weird.

  2. i cannot agree more miss wendy. so depressing.