Friday, August 27, 2010

news and announcements!

September is going to be a very exciting month for my little blog!

I'm going to be sponsoring Ms. Kaelah Bee for the month of September! I've been reading her blog for quite some time now (over a year, i think) and i finally decided that now would be a great time to start sponsoring her blog. She gets quite a bit of traffic over on her blog, and i'm looking to increase the traffic over here a wee bit, so it's a win-win situation!

In addition to sponsoring her blog, she made me a blog button. It'll be up on her blog, as well as mine on September, 1st. So, if you're feeling the love, you can grab and it and throw it on your page. Let me know, if you do so, because i'd be totally interested in swapping!

Since some stuff is changing in this glorious coming month of September, i'd like to announce that i'm going to be starting some new blog features including Wednesday Wishes as well as Friday Favorites. I'm totally jacking the Wednesday Wishes idea from Courtney, i hope she doesn't mind! The reason why i'm starting up (and hopefully sticking with) these new features is just to keep myself inspired and to have a reason to blog regularly and as often as possible.

In other news, today i visited Pugly Pixel for the first time, and i downloaded some really cute and FREE clip art images. I'm really excited to try to do something with these pretties.

The most exciting news about today is, I'M OFF WORK. OH YEAH!
xoxo, kara.


  1. I've added your button! :0)

  2. I found you via Kaelah, cute blog lady, and love the button.

  3. i think this will be great for your blog, kara. looking forward to it!

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  4. thanks for all the kind words ladies! leave my your blog links next time you comment, so i can check all you guys out!