Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last night i went to the Emergency Room because i was having some pretty bad chest pains. (Mind you, i had heart surgery when i was 15.) I was turned away because i don't have any health insurance. The doctor told me to ignore the problems i was having, and then proceeded to make fun of the situation i was in, right to my face.

I, of course filed a complaint and cried my eyes out to a charge nurse that was actually trying to help me. Seriously, i don't think i have ever been so disrespected in my entire life.

xoxo, kara


  1. WHAT?! I didn't even think they were allowed to do that. You should've punched that doctor square in his mouth for making fun of you.

    On a good note, I love Toothpaste For Dinner. And Married to the Sea, and Natalie Dee, and pretty much anything that couple ever does.

  2. Aw I really didn't think you could get turned away, I thought they just charged you more for it. But I'm sorry :( I hope your feeling at least a bit better by now.

  3. holy crap, i'd so be looking into what you could do because that's simply not kosher! you should contact the board of the hospital you went to! good luck and i hope you start feeling better! xoxo

  4. Tarah & Raeann- I did want to punch him square in the face! Probably more so than ever. I didn't think i could get turned away either. but after waiting for 3 hours, he told me to ignore what problems i've having and to live long and prosper. WHAT THE FUCK!?@!?2!?

    Kaelah- I contacted the board immediately. Right now i'm in the works on filing a case with against him. i am feeling a little better now though.

    thanks for the kind words, ladies!

  5. I am so sorry. I also agree with heytarah, that doctor deserved to be punched. I'm glad you filed a complaint, hello Hippocratic oath?