Tuesday, August 17, 2010

bad news bears.

I've got good news and bad news.

First, with the good news.
I got my bangs cut today. They just keep getting shorter and shorter. I really like them. Pictures soon! (I'd take them tonight, but my forehead is nasty, red and puffy because i had to get my eyebrows waxed. yeeeouch.)

Ok, here's the bad news.
Remember that little (terrible) trip i took to the emergency room a few weeks ago? Yeah, it sucked. Anyways, i applied for the med-assist program, which basically helps people who have a low income and without insurance pay their bill. And in most cases, it usually pays the entire bill. So, i filled out all of my paper work, turned it in, and they told me almost immediately that i had been accepted, and that my bill would be taken care of. A couple of days later, a med-assist representative from the hospital called and told me that she needed copies of my pay stubs to prove that i bring home what i say i bring home. So, i took them over there. She copied them, faxed them off to someone else, gave them back to me, and i left. I never heard another thing about it. SO, this afternoon my mom calls me, like 8 times in a row. I'm at work, so i excuse myself to go call her back. She's worked at the hospital for over 30 years, so she knows her stuff. She tells me that i have an outstanding balance of thousands and thousands of dollars, because the med-assist lady claims that she never got any of my pay stubs. WHAT!?@! I immediately go into panic mode. Then my mother proceeds to tell me that med-assist gives you ten days to comply with all the paper work. If you don't do it within the ten days, then they automatically give you a seven day extension, and when that's week is over, it's over. Bottom line- you're stuck with a whopper of a bill. Ok, so my mom tells me that i'm on my seventh day of the extension, and if i don't have pay stubs turned in by 4:30, then i'll have a $20,000 hospital bill. TALK ABOUT LOSING YOUR MIND. I WENT BANANAS. Mind you, it was 4:08pm when she told me this.

Somehow by the grace of god, i got everything taken care of just in the knick of time. I walked out of my mom's office this afternoon, with like 30 seconds to spare. I'll be on pins and needles until i find out if everything went through and will be taken care of.

shew, shew, shew.
what a day.
xoxo, kara


  1. oh.my.god.
    too much stress and nonsense drama for you.
    guh, i hope it gets resolved quickly!

  2. I hate dealing with hospitals and doctors and insurance and all that nonsense......it's bad enough that you're sick or injured in a way that requires a hospital visit, but apparently they (whoever they are) think that your life hasn't been screwed up enough so they're going to take care of that and make everything a mess.

    Ugh. I hope everything works out for you, that's such a pain!

  3. alexis- i hope it gets resolved quickly too. otherwise, i'll be blogging about how i'm killing everyone in america.

    miss wendy- I know, everything about it is such a freaking hassle. And they certainly have made everything a big giant mess. It kind of seems like doctors don't want to really help anyone anymore. it's awful. thanks for your kind workds though!