Thursday, October 22, 2009

being in love is so weird. and hard. and sad. and happy. and strange. and exciting. and wacky. and fun. and stupid. and everything thing else in between.

if you're alive, and you're in love and you have never wanted to punch your boyfriend in the face, you're a liar.

nothing about being in love is perfect all the time. or any of the time. i think having bad times makes the good times that much sweeter. and if you have bad times, you'll never take the good times for granted. and that's the worst thing you could ever do.

sometimes it's really good to scream.

sometimes your boyfriend really does need to grow the fuck up.
and sometimes you are being crazy.

we just have to deal.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today i got the sudden urge to clean and organize.
and that's what i've been doing for most of the afternoon.

If everything goes as planned, sometime after the first of the year, my living arrangements should be changing.
I'm very excited about it as well. If everything works out, about 4 of my friends should be moving into the house i'm living in now. And my mother should be moving out, into a new house. Living with my friends feels like a dream come true to me. There will be five of us living in a house together. I anticipate that there will be squabbles and arguments here and there. That's just kind of expected. But i hope that we all become a little happy family. And eat meals, and watch movies together. I just want everything to be great! I have only hopeful and positive thoughts right now when it comes to this!

Being so excited about different living arrangements made me want to clean and organize like crazy down in the basement. (Even though it will be at least 6 months before anyone moves in.) And that's what i've been working on today. I'm taking a small break right now to browse through some websites to look at shower curtains, coffee tables, and other odd's and end's of things.

I love this shower curtain from Target.
And i think it would come in handy,
as my bestie is very geographically challenged.

I'm also seriously in love with this shower curtain. Also from target.
It might be too girly though, considering probably 3 boys will be using it daily.
Or weekly. Ew.

Probably pretty much everything else that i'll get will be thrifted. I already have loads of 70's vintage kitchen things that i've picked up here and there. I probably have enough to fully decorate 3 kitchens. So, i can always switch things out when i get bored! I'm just so excited about this right now!

off to go clean!

Friday, October 16, 2009

today started in one of the worst possible ways.
and it seems like today is just going to be a bad day all together.
but, i'm going to try my best not to dwell on it.
tomorrow i'll be out of town, and won't have anything to worry about other than shopping for my birthday. and drinking lots of coffee that's too expensive.

i've been feeling really down the last couple of days. and i'd really like to move. i need a change of scenery more than anything ever. but, right now, that's impossible. but, a girl can dream, right?

i'm so envious of all these rooms. so pretty. so clean. so jealous.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i must have this puppy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sleepless nights

last night i couldn't sleep at all. not being able to sleep was fairly productive though. i thought up a bunch of new craft ideas.

-feathered headbands.
-circle scarves.
-crocheted headbands. (if i can figure out to crochet, that is.)

before i attempted to sleep i did some coloring and came up with a lot of color swatches for scarves. hopefully they'll be beautiful. this weekend i'm buying all the goodies i need to start these projects! i'm excited!
i definitely want to get a shop started on soon. i've wanted to forever, but just never got around to it.

time to start procrastinating!

things to look forward to...

-shopping this weekend.
-halloween. i'm going to be wilma from the flinstones!
-where the wild things are.

also, i hope i get a job soon. i have to have a job. have too.
that's all.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

i'm loving fall so much.

i think this pumpkin is incredible.
and i wish i had my own to carve.

i think the only thing i don't like about this season are the swiftly approaching holidays. and it just always stresses me out. oh well.

off to knit!