Tuesday, November 17, 2009

slightly refreshed

yesterday was a total shit day at work. a bunch of old men yelled at me because they apparently think walgreens is too expensive and confusing. i just really wanted to say "take your business elsewhere, i don't give a fuck!" it's not my problem. anyways, walgreens sucks. SUCKS. luckily, i was able to vent to April and Nathan. they're good for that.

las night i came home and listened to andrew jackson jihad. wonderful band. it really lifted my spirits. they're so amazing, and even better live. i think everyone should check them out. they're total perfection.

i was so exhausted, i went to sleep before 11:30 and didn't wake up until 10:30 this morning. i feel like i am just staying totally worn out from work and nothing about the job, other than a paycheck every two weeks is worth it. i did get a minute to work on some craft endeavors last night, which was good and refreshing. i was just too tired to get much done. i think i'm going to get a planner. i always have a really hard time balancing my life between work and doing the things i love. it's just hard for me to figure out how to make time. or when i do have time i want to sleep or hang out with my friends. i wish i could stay totally inspired all of the time.

my sister is in town from kansas right now along with her husband and my adorable nephew jonas! cutest kid in the world. she'll be here until after thanksgiving. then she leaves. holidays stress me out so much. i'm certain that i'm working thanksgiving this year. not sure about christmas yet.

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