Friday, January 15, 2010


i just got done eating some spicy chicken nuggets. wendy's is the greatest.

i got my hair trimmed earlier, and my bangs evened out a bit. it was very nice. a professional haircut every once in a while really does wonders.

here in about an hour, i'm heading out to a show. nathan's band is playing, so i gotta go support. and i think you should too. check out their myspace.
they would be very pleased. so, go to their myspace, if you're into it, send them a friend request, leave them a comment, give them a listen, tell your friends. just show some love. they would really appreciate it, and above all else, they really deserve it. they've come a really long way within the last couple of years, and i am so very proud of them. i'm such a proud mama!

i'll be back later with more posts!

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