Monday, January 25, 2010

tattoo ideas.

for a very long time i have been thinking about getting a tattoo of a nesting doll. i stumbled upon this print on etsy, and it is just perfect. i'm in love with it. and just about everything else in the shop.

you can go here to see the original print. amazing artist. hopefully before the week is over, i'm going on a little mini etsy shopping spree. and i'll definitely be picking these little beauties up, as well as a few others.

i never want to stop getting tattooed. right now i have six, and would love to have about sixty more. but good tattoos aren't cheap, and my artist is forever m.i.a. so, that doesn't really help matters much. but, i'm finally back to the point where i'm comfortable enough with my money to start spending a little of it. so, i'm sure i'll be getting more tattoos in the near future.

on my left arm i have a ship(on the outside) and an anchor(on the inside) and i'd eventually like to get a ship wheel and a sailor girl. i think that would give me about a half sleeve and a half. haha. if that's even a real thing.

i'd really like to get those nesting dolls on my calves. i think that would be totally perfect.

now it's time to go watch every time i die dvd's with nathan. haha.


  1. Those would be excellent tattoos!
    Would you ever do one with all of the 'family' like the sizes changing?
    I feel like that could be something neat, but I can't think of a theme.

  2. that would be neat. i actually saw a tattoo like that on the internet, it was on their ribs. i don't know that i would ever get a whole set, cause i don't know where i would put them. def not on my ribs. that would hurt too bad!

  3. i think thats a good idea. lets go get some tattoos together.