Thursday, January 28, 2010


i've been getting a lot of creativity time in here lately. and i rather enjoy that. i finished a scarf for my good friend dustin, and now i'm currently working on a set of scarves for my brother's girlfriend. And once those are finished, i'm making a hat for April's boyfriend.

i'm gearing up for an etsy shopping spree.
here is what i currently have in my shopping cart.

this set of vintage blue pillowcases. found at this shop.

this adorable flat sheet. found at this shop.

this print was mentioned earlier in my tattoo post. i want this little beauties REALLLL bad. be sure to check out this shop.

i did have about 100 more things in my cart. but, i guess other people liked them just as much as me and snatched them up. so, that's a little bit of a bummer. but, things like that tend to happen.

in the next few days i'd really like to go junking around for an afternoon. see if i can't find some stuff to suit my fancy. goodwill always tends to have a lot of sheets and whatnot. but the goodwill in my town is outrageously expensive. or so i think. paying nine dollars for an ash tray just doesn't make sense to me.

time to go watch lost! goodnight folks!

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