Sunday, January 31, 2010

ten new loves!

before i get "ten things i love sunday" going, i'd like to talk real briefly about how terrible the weather is. the weather is really terrible. and i really wish it would just go away. right now! i didn't expect to get hardly any accumulation, because i live in southern Kentucky, and we never really do. oh boy, we did this time though! right around six inches. and it is being an incredible pain in my ass. i am so beyond over it.

and now, on a lighter note
"ten things i love sunday!"
"tv shows i grew up watching" edition!

1.The Cosby Show. I still watch this every single night when i get home from work. It's so funny! Thank goodness for nick @ nite!
2. Roseanne. For whatever reason, my mom wouldn't let me watch this show when i was a kid. but as a 21 year old, i love it a lot. and watch it constantly.
3. I love lucy. Honestly, i don't think i could count the times i've busted a gut at this show. I really think Lucille Ball is one of the greatest comedians of all time, as well as one of the most gorgeous and inspiring ladies i have ever come across. i love her.
4. Mama's Family. I grew up watching this show, and i've always loved it. It's completely hilarious. I watch it every time i catch it on tv.
5. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I just love Will. And Carlton. Especially when he dances. And the old mom. the new mom was lame.
6. Saved by the Bell. This is basically a given. I don't think i know one single person my age who didn't grow up watching Saved by the Bell. Personally, i think the best episode is when Jessie takes caffeine pills and completely loses her shit.
7. The Golden Girls. I still watch this show on a regular basis. I think i'll be exactly like Dorothy when i'm older. 
8. Boy Meets World. Cory Matthews will always hold a special place in my heart. I like the later episodes when Eric is a chubby lunatic, and not a skinny ladies man.
9. Family Matters. You gotta love that pesky Steven Q. Erkle! It comes on Nick @ Nite right after the Cosby Show, so i get to watch this show pretty frequently still.
10. Dinosaurs! When i was a little kid i used to walk around the house saying "I'm the baby, gotta love me!" and causing mayhem one way or another.

This concludes my list.
They just don't make tv like they used to. I really miss a lot of these shows.
I hope you enjoyed!


  1. gosh, boy meets world was my show!! i would watch it every evening at 6:00 and i memerized the theme song and everything i loved it, expesically when they got in the college years and shawn was dating angela that black chick (do you remeber ??) anywas, yeah eric went crazy i loved it!!

  2. yeah, the college years are probably my favorite. especially when jack is on the show. HUBBA HUBBA!

  3. oh my gosh.
    i love lucy is hysterical. when she mimicks Ricky's accent with english words is great!
    I watch Roseanne all the time on tvland!!!
    AND Boy Meets World is probably just one of the greatest shows that I could/would watch (if its on) everytime!
    DINOSAURS!! I own the dvds. too great.
    (sorry, i had to just let you know this. it made me happy!)

  4. you have read my mind.



    tv is def not like it used to be!
    and i agree with the ice/snow! ive been stuck in my house since friday morning!

  5. i know ladies! those shows were the greatest things EVER. i mean, EVER.

    i'm glad you guys have such excellent taste!

  6. you know my feelings on all of these shows. same as yours pretty much. especially my saved by the bell. DONT YOU DARE!!!

  7. I. Love. Golden Girls! I hope to be Blanche when I'm older, you have no ideaaaaa