Sunday, January 10, 2010

miss you!

i really miss...

late 80's/early 90's tv is probably some of the greatest stuff in the world. i do still watch the cosby show regularly because it comes on nick at nite. i miss boy meets world, probably the most. it was so great. i remember watching the reruns that came on when i was in high school. it's so silly, i don't know how anyone can not fall in love with cory matthews.


  1. weve been in love with them boy meets world freaks for too long.

  2. I grew up on Boy meets world, Dinosaurs, Family Matters and Step By Step.

    Boy meets world, I could probably watch all day, every day. Or as much as it came on.

  3. i definitely agree. boy meets world is probably the greatest television program in the history of th world!