Sunday, January 24, 2010

new loves!

i had a bad day. and then i had a bad night at work. i'm hoping to remedy this with ten new loves.

ten new loves!
this week of new loves is inspired by valentine's day!

away we go!

1. sarcastic love.

2. old love.

3. nerd love. aka; the best love. (also, i seem to be finding prints like this everywhere!)

4. harry potter love.

5. movie love.

6. pillowcase love.

7. beatles love.

8. literature love.

9. mixtape love.

10. my love. mr. nathan. (he thinks i never say nice things about him in my blog.)

ok. so, those were my valentine's day loves.
hope you enjoyed. :)




  1. you forgot best friend love, but i aint mad or nothin'. i love all these, maybe not nathan though. jk jk!