Sunday, January 10, 2010


i've decided that i'm going to start selecting a few days a week to blog about specific themes. i think that'll help me remember to get on here and post more. since i'll have a purpose and all.
so, today is now:

ten things i love sunday!
so, here we go!

1. i'm really addicted to painting my nails right now. soft bright colors!

2. christmas lights on headboards. i think it's so pretty.

3. handmade quilts. i want to learn to sew so bad. i would absolutely LOVE to be able to make quilts.

4. dr. martin's boots. i don't know that i would ever wear them, but i'm loving them a lot here lately. especially the printed ones.

5. indian head dresses!

6. Rachel McAdams. in my opinion, she's easily one of the prettiest women alive. love her.

7. fancy fluffy dresses!

8. nesting dolls. i'm definitely contemplating getting a tattoo of one of these little beauties.

9. granny squares. i still haven't taught myself to crochet yet, but i'm not giving up!

10. anything to do with neutral milk hotel. easily the greatest band that has ever graced the face of this earth.

ok. so, that was my list of ten things that i love today. hope you enjoyed it!


  1. ahh, loving all of these things! you just reminded me! i have some gorgeous rose fairy lights i need to put up. :D