Tuesday, January 12, 2010

boredom, ahoy!

it's 4:42 am.
which isn't really that bad, considering i just got off work 42 minutes ago.

It appears that little Penelope(my cat) is in heat. and she is completely out of control. she's meowing so loud, i swear it's like she's walking around with a kitty sized megaphone. and she keeps violently thrashing around on the ground. it worries me!

i talked myself out of buying two more nail polishes at work tonight. they were on sale. and very adorable. but, after about 30 minutes of just looking at them, and not working, i decided i'd better not. but, that doesn't mean i won't buy them tomorrow!

also, for you people out there that have never watched lost, you should definitely start. RIGHT NOW. i just started watching the first season about 2 weeks ago. the final season starts sometime in feburary, i believe. so, i'm SUPER behind. but i'm completely hooked. i never watched it before because i thought it would be too "science fiction-y" but it's really not at all. it's super interesting. me and nathan have been watching it together. i'm fairly confident in saying that he loves it just as much, if not more than me. i just hope he doesn't mind all the gasping and flinching i do!

go watch this. right now. all the episodes from all the seasons are on hulu.
possibly the greatest tv show. ever.

(and this is a lot coming from me. typically the only thing i ever watch is project runway and nick at nite!)


  1. YES! In my professional opinion, lost is the greatest television program since the creation of moving images. I have all of it if you want to borrow it. Or better yet: http://ipb.quicksilverscreen.com/index.php?showtopic=154535 , this is a link to every episode in dvd quality, without commercials. I wish I was like you and caught on to it late so I wouldn't have had to wait the agonizing years for it to come back on. Seriously dude, happy watching! Every season is a treat in its own way.

  2. i can only agree with you. i am completely mesmerized by this show. it's unreal how addiciting it is. I LOVE IT. me and nathan are trying to watch 6 episodes a day so we can start watching season 6 as it comes on. if we're able to catch up, i'm going to start hosting lost parties!