Friday, January 8, 2010


i was supposed to work last night. but i ended up calling in. i felt really guilty, but the roads were really bad from all the snow, and i literally couldn't get down the street. so, i had my reasons. but i still felt really bad about it. but, today is a new day. so, i'm moving on. and i'm off work tonight. so, yay!

my best friend in the entire world started a blog a few days ago. go follower her!

i finally came up with a new years resolution the other night.
i plan to buy more groceries and cook meals at home as much as i can. it seems like all i ever do is eat out. which is something that i enjoy from time to time. but, i like home cooked food way more. and i just really like to cook. and i like for people to eat the food i make, and like it. it gives me good feelings.

also, i've decided what little money that i get back from taxes, i'm buying a sewing machine. i'm almost positive that i am the only girl in my entire extended family that doesn't know how to sew. and i've always wanted to. i just never really got the hang of it. but, when i get my money i am bound and determined to get a sewing machine and start making things. and i won't stop trying until i do.

that's about it for now!
more posts later.

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