Friday, January 29, 2010

freeeezy friday.

we're supposed to get TEN INCHES of snow this weekend. i think the blizzard is supposed to start sometime around noon/mid afternoon and not stop until we've accumulated somewhere between 6 to 10 inches. By sunday afternoon it's supposed to be in the thirties and sunny. so, i don't really know what to make of this. Kentucky has very unpredictable weather. i'll believe it when i see it!

snow is so pretty...
but so darn inconvenient. i hate feeling like i can't leave the house. granted, a lot of times i don't even want too. i just don't like the feeling that i can't.

current pet-peeve alert!
why is that nearly every time i search for something on i always get several naked girls as my results? it's just kind of annoying. i don't want to see a bunch of distasteful nudey butts when i'm looking for pretty snow pictures. ya know what i'm saying? have mercy!


  1. Yeah, can't ever count on KY weather forecasts...10 inches of snow today...tornado tomorrow, sunny at 80 degrees the next day, torrential avalanche the next...

  2. Yeah I noticed that on too. So sad.

  3. organic meatbag- it's just started snowing at my house. and it's only flurries. i wouldn't be surprised if we do have a tornado tomorrow. so dang true. and annoying.

    x0x0krysten- it is really sad. i hate it. ps. i just went to your blog, and it is sooo pretty!