Saturday, January 16, 2010


i guess i kinda went on a shopping spree today. which is really most unusual for me. i never go shopping for clothes. i always tend to talk myself out of things, but today i guess i just kinda lost control. i'm kinda freaking out a little. but, most of the things i bought were things i needed. actually, no not really. but, i'm going to tell myself that so i don't feel bad for spending so much money.

i bought:
-a set of vintage sheets.
-two vintage pillowcases.
-a new over the shoulder bag.
-a grey cami to wear underneath things.
-three different sets of christmas ornaments. (something i totally did not need. but they were so pretty. and 75% off. and i just couldn't resist.)

then i came home and did some online shopping. first i went to aerie, because they have the greatest underwear in the history of the world. all of their clearance was an additional 30% off. which made me wonder if american eagle was running the same sale. and of course, they were.
i bought:
-underwear ( but i won't go into detail, cause that's weird)
-a very pretty sweater.

-and a pair of motorcycle boots. FOR 20 DOLLARS. i was so pumped.

i've never been much of an american eagle shopper, but i just couldn't resist. i am obsessed with those boots. and have been wanting a pair for like, a year now. not even kidding. i just haven't been able to find the right pair. i think these will be totally perfect though. i can't wait for them to come in the mail! oh my goodness, i am soooo excited!


  1. Ooo! Love those motorcycle boots! I'm in the market for some boots myself...

  2. im glad you went shopping crazy today. makes me feel like you are actually a human. :)

  3. you gotta get to american eagle then. they were originally 99 bucks, but with the sale i got them for 20.96! i couldn't resist!

  4. thank you! i loved it so much, i couldn't resist.