Monday, January 18, 2010

new loves!

i decided last week that i was going to start doing a theme post on sundays, to give me a reason to get on the computer and post on here. and i failed. and only after one week. but, it wasn't my fault! last night things at nathan's house were particularly crazy, and blogging was about the last thing i thought about doing. but, today is a new day, and here is:

ten things i love monday!
1. Number one has an "a" and "b" part.
1a. Lost. I feel like it's all i have been talking about lately, but i just literally cannot stop watching this show. if you haven't seen it, then you are totally missing out.

1b. Sawyer! he is easily becoming my favorite lost character. hands down.

2. this picture. i stumbled upon it the other day. it just reminded me of when me and nathan started dating. we would always really awkwardly sleep on a twin bed in his friend's parent's house. now we sleep on a much bigger bed, at his house, and it's much more comfortable. but, it's just kind of adorable to look back and think about it.

3. My so called life. I remember watching this show when it came on "the n" when i was in high school. and i was totally in love with Jordan Catalano. even though he couldn't read. haha.

4. I have a new love for embroidery on paper. it's really neat and pretty.


5. this photo.

5. one word. Sandlot. enough said.

6. real legitimate mixtapes. with a record player, tape teck, and tapes.

7.  Persian cats. typically i call them smooshed face kitties. and i want one very, very badly. i think they are the custest animals in the world. i will have one!

isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen? thought so!

8. this is a very bizarre thing to love, but i really love danny devito. i really like it's always sunny in Philadelphia, and i every time i see him on that show, i get excited. he's so tiny and outrageous. i really love him!

9. I don't know if this is a print, or just an internet image. but either way, i like it. and if it exists as a print, i'd would definitely like to own one. my love for anything harry potter gets larger every day.

 10. today, nathan reminded me of my love for scooters. and i'm really glad he did. i really want one!
i mean, who doesn't want a vespa?

that's all for my ten new loves. hope you enjoyed it!


  1. jordan catalano and the sandlot brings tears to me eyes.

  2. oh. my. gosh. I'm a Harry Potter freak, let's just get that out of the way. That print is the BEST.

  3. i'm so happy that you girlies love harry potter as much as me! if i ever find where that print is sold, i'll definitely let you know. no house is complete without one!

  4. i agree im a huuuuuuuge harry potter fan!!

  5. i just wanted to let you know we are into the same things. I literally finished My So Called Life series this week at work.
    Squints/SANDLOT in general is my favorite.
    I have a smushed faced pet.(pug)
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's the best!

    I just liked this a lot and that we like a like of the same things. :]