Tuesday, June 1, 2010

hello june!

Today is my lover's 20th birthday!
I'm really excited that he's finally twenty. (I don't feel so much like a cougar anymore!) We kicked things off last night with a home cooked meal of his choice, and a delicious birthday cake. It was all mighty tastey, even if it was just hamburgers and french fries. So, happy birthday Nathan! I LOVE YOU x 029349023742834. He's out doing his thing today since i have to work tonight, which is a huge bummer. Oh well. Gotta make that $$$$.

Today i woke up bright and early just to get pissed off, REAL FAST. A repair man was supposed to come to the house at 8 am to work on the gazillion repairs that our house needs. He didn't show up friday at 11 when he was supposed to. So, he called and promised that he would be here first thing today. Does he show up? No, he certainly doesn't. He's been called to our house several times in the past to fix things, and on the rare occasion that he actually shows up when he says he's going to, he promptly leaves saying he "doesn't have the right tools in his truck" and comes back a week later to fix things. It's so freaking annoying! It's not like he has to knock down walls, or install a toilet. It's just very small minor things. PLEASE STOP BEING LAZY REPAIR MAN. I JUST WANT A HOUSE THAT WORKS.

I'm eating delicious mexican food tonight before work tonight. I can't wait. YUM.
I've got to get ready. See ya later!

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