Friday, May 28, 2010

friday favorites!

I usually don't do a friday favorites post. Actually, i don't think i ever have. Last night i was laying in bed reading, and i decided that there are so many things that i love right now. So, why not document it?! Here goes!

Mr. Kurt Vonnegut.
I never thought i would be into his books because i thought they were way to science fiction for my tastes. But i was wrong. Very, very wrong. He's an incredible writer. And, i think he's really adorable. His charm just pours through every page.

Ms. Natalie Portman.
She wears short hair better than any other person in the world, i think. I love her so much in Hotel Chevalier. She's SO pretty. Just incredible.

Paint Samples.
I've been collecting them lately. I've got a pretty project brewing up in my mind. I'm very excited about that.

I really love pretty wallpaper. I think it's kind of overwhelming when an entire room is covered, but i think it's really pretty and fun when you do an accent wall.

Rag Rugs.
I'm really entertaining the thought of making one of these. I think they're really pretty, and i think it would just be easy peasy!

That's about all for today. I'll catch you goons on the flipside!


  1. I've started to collect paint samples too, they are just too pretty not to snag!

  2. i can only agree! i think i've got about a million of them!