Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what an interesting day!

I've had such a wacky day so far, i don't even know where to begin!

I woke up this afternoon around 1:30. I was hoping to wake up a little earlier today, because i thought Nathan was going to come over for lunch, but we both slept in on accident. Whoops! After i'd been up a few, i call Nathan. No answer. I figure he's still sleeping. No big deal. I lay in bed for a while, watch the cooking network as per usual. I hear Chris (roommate)walk in the house, talking to someone. He's telling the person where the bathroom is, so i assume this person has never been over before. I'm still in pajamas, so i don't rush out to see who it is. I don't really think much else of it. Whatever. About 15 minutes later, i get up to use the bathroom, and Chris meets me at the door. This is our conversation.

Chris: Ok, so i picked up this homeless guy at the bar. And brought him back here cause he's a Rainbow and needs to use a computer to check his Myspace to find where all the other Rainbows are.
Me: What in the world is a rainbow?
Chris: He's like a real hippie. He told me he's been hitch-hiking from New York. He's been sleeping under bridges. He's 36, he's really dirty, and i'm cooking him something to eat. And his name is Rizzo.
Me: Uhh, ok. What if he kills us?
Chris: I don't think he will, but you i was just telling you in case you want to stay in your room.
Me: Ok, i definitely do that.

I walk back into my bedroom. Sit down for a minute, collect my thoughts, and start freaking the hell out. In my mind i'm thinking this guy could be anyone. He could have robbed us, tried to kill us, anything! I call April to tell her what's going on. She starts freaking out too. So, then i frantically start calling nathan. He finally picks up, (he was sleeping) i tell him the situation. He's not freaked out. He comes over.

Chris proceeds to cook Rizzo something to eat, and then Rizzo proceeds to get in the shower. Chris tells us Rizzo's story, but to be honest i still wasn't too sure that he wasn't planning on killing us. We ended up fixing up a bag of food so he could take it along with him. And we put seven dollars in it. Rizzo came into the kitchen after his shower and was so appreciative for our hospitality. He apologized for being in the shower for so long, but he said he felt really embarrassed being around clean people. He wanted to throw his old socks away, but he didn't want to throw them away in our trash, because he was afraid it would stink up our house, which totally broke my hearts into bits. About two minutes later, Nathan and Chris took Rizzo back to the bar where he was planning to sleep. And i sat at home. Rizzo was just some guy who was hungry and needed a shower. He didn't want to kill, or rob me, no more than you want to kill or rob me. He was an alright dude who just lost his way. And i think that's something we all need to remember.

Waking up to a homeless person in your house can be very startling, but it's not always a bad thing.


  1. Wow! I saw the Rainbows on mother's day. We were driving up to Somerset and we saw a VW bus that was totally hippie'd out. I guess they were headed to Somerset too. I think it was a nice gesture what your roommate did but like you, I'd be freaked out.

  2. There should be a TV show based off of this.

  3. Shea- The homeless guy said that he had fallen behind the other group of rainbow people. So, he was trying to catch up with all his other rainbow people. it was quite the adventure!

    tarah-so many crazy things have happened in my life. i need a sitcom.

  4. i feel like i would like to meet and or be a Rainbow.
    that'd be such a thrill and an adventure.
    what a great story :D