Tuesday, May 18, 2010

cha cha changes.

I'm not really dealing well with change right now. I'm very thankful for the friends i have, i love them all dearly. Sometimes it's just easy for me to get caught up in feeling nostalgic. I've grown up a lot differently than most of friends, and dealt with a lot of things that they haven't. I want to shield them from everything in this world that's bad, give them advice, lead them in the right direction based on my experiences. But sometimes they don't want my advice. And it really hurts me feelings. I just want to help.


  1. i know. i was sad earlier today, but now i'm over it.

    ps. i got two new cats. i'm going to post pictures of them soon, because they are adorable and i want you to see them.

  2. story. of. my. life.
    then i cheer myself up and say they're not going to be in my life for a reason, and the ones who are, will be able to listen/want to.
    and it won't be that bad.

  3. alexis- that's the same thing i do. i feel sorry for myself for like 30 minutes, then i'm over it.