Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my house in is shambles.

I am so mentally exhausted with the constant state of madness that my house is in.
Currently my bedroom is a swamp. The kitchen sink is leaking so much, that all the water started spilling over into my bedroom. So, all of the molding around the floor is rotting and mildewed. The carpet in my room has soured because there is so much water. And my room smells TERRIBLE. It is so irritating.

Not to mention that every single door in the house is broken. Literally. The front entry way door is broken. The sliding glass door in the kitchen is broken. My bedroom door is busted, and my closet door doesn't even have a knob. Both of the roommates have broken doors. And Chris' are especially bad, because if you shut the door behind you, it locks you in. And the only way to get out to is to take the whole damn door knob off!

I haven't been able to enjoy a bath at my house since we moved in because my bathtub refuses to give me any hot water for whatever reason. I'm the kind of girl that needs to sit down and take a bath every now and then to maintain my sanity. So we all have to take showers in the boys bathroom. Which really isn't too big of a problem. I'd just like to use my own bathroom.

I'm very happy to be out on my own, and doing my thing. But, my house is just driving me crazy. Every day repair men are supposed to come. So, i get up and wait for them, They're either running 3 hours behind, or they just don't even show up. And i just end up losing a lot of sleep because i work at night, and they always say they're coming at 8 am.

I am just so over it.

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