Friday, May 21, 2010

give me a shopping spree,

(just kidding. kind of.)

But seriously, Anthropology has some of the prettiest dresses i have ever seen. 

And Urban Outfitters got some new bedding in, and i love it. Big surprise, huh?
While we're on the topic of bedding, i finally did some major re-arranging to my bedroom. Sadly, it wasn't because i had a sudden boost of inspiration. I came home one night from work with my room literally smelling like it was rotting. It was totally putrid. I got to moving things around to find out where the smell was coming from, and i stepped in a giant puddle of stinky water. In my bedroom floor. Which is covered in carpet. Not good. Turns out the dishwasher has a leak or something, and it was flooding every time we used it, causing it to leak into my bedroom floor. So, the stinky smell was soured carpet. Yummy. Needless to say, i had to do a lot of re-arranging to get my furniture out of the water so it wouldn't mold. The new arrangement is proving to be much better than the original. My room is SO tiny, but the new layout makes it seem a little bigger. That's a HUGE plus.

I think i'm going to turn in for the evening. I think me and Nathan are going to try to have a little date day tomorrow afternoon, so that should be nice. The main focus is to tear him away from his video game tonight, so he'll wake up tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck!

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