Friday, May 7, 2010

maxi dresses?

Never in my entire life did i think i would ever buy a maxi dress. They've never appealed to me because they're so long, i thought you have to be a giant to wear them. You know they always hang them 6 foot high in stores so they don't drag the ground. So, i just assumed i hated them and wouldn't look good them because they're so long and straight. And i'm, well, not ;).

So, with that being said me and April were out shopping around today. More specifically i was dress shopping for her sister's wedding. I wasn't finding much, everything i tried on was too short. (i have a serious leg showing phobia.) So, April suggested that i try on a maxi dress. So, i did. The first one i tried on was o.k. It was strapless, and had this aztec type print on it, and i thought that it as just a bit much. I felt like i looked like a drape. I actually did end up buying one though. It's black, with braided straps, and a really cute little ruffle on the boobs. Right up me alley. I was really surprised that i liked the way it looked on me. I felt long and lean. And very comfortable to boot! And it wasn't too long either. And the best part about it was, they were buy one, get one free! Two dresses for 24 dollars. NOT BAD!

So, now i want more! The search is on!


  1. I have one maxi dress and would love to have more too! Mine is brown and orange tie dye and everytime I wear it, I feel like such a hippie but it's so comfortable and the best part is you don't have to shave your legs!

  2. I'm so glad that they look good on you, that makes one of us. I have this purple and white tie-dyed one and I put it in the washer, and it turned pink. So I hate it even more.

  3. Shae- i know! not having to shave your legs is DEFINITELY the best part of wearing maxi dresses. and they're just comfortable!

    tarah- i'm very sorry that you hate your dress. i wish you loved it more so we could be twins in maxi dress wearing comfort!

  4. i love being the cause of new loving fashion finds :)