Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Well, today is Cinco de Mayo. And i'm sad to report that i did not get to enjoy mexican food today. I had pizza from the pub instead, and it was DELICIOUS. So, everyone out there celebrating, eat a taco for me! (or three or four.)
Today is the perfect day to share my love of traditional mexican folk art with you!
It's all so wild, bright, kinda weird, and tacky. It's almost a sensory overload, but i think that might be why i like it so much. So many pretty little things to look at. Cute, Cute, Cute.

Moving right along, i did make some progess in the cleaning, organizing and decorating of my bedroom today.
  • I vacuumed my floors.
  • Changed the sheets on my bed. They're very cute. I'm pleased.
  • Picked up all the mess in the floor.
  • Put my yarn back where in the cubbies where it belongs.
I really need a set of curtains in my bedroom. Right now i don't have anything up other than the blinds that were in the windows when we moved in. I don't like them.
I'm also looking to buy this wall hanging from Urban Outfitters. Words cannot describe how bad i (think)  need it.
Ugh. I love it. I don't really have the extra money to spend on it right now. But, i'm thinking if i'm lucky enough a certain someone might buy it for me, for our two year anniversary. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Ok, there is only 8 minutes of Cinco de Mayo, so i better post this right now. Or the entire post will be almost completely irrelevant.



  1. i love Urban Outfitters wall posters/wallpaper! they're so clever and just great, i hope you're able to get it! :]

  2. me too. it's only 40 bucks, which i think is a pretty fair price for a gigantic wall hanging. i'd buy it right now if i could, but eating is a little more important to me. ya know what i'm saying?