Saturday, May 15, 2010

happy weekend!

My best friends sister is getting married today! I couldn't be happier for her. They're having a small outdoor wedding out in the yard. Everything is decorated so pretty. I love it when people i love get married. Today should be a fun day! I'm debating on whether or not i'll cry. This family is really just like my own, i'm so close to all of them. They're some of the best people on earth, and i'm very grateful for each and every one of them in their own special way. So, i'm sure there will be plenty of waterworks. I think at this point it would be weird if there weren't!

As for me, i'm not so sure i'll ever tie the knot. I used to not care anything about it, and Nathan wanted to get married. Now Nathan doesn't care anything about getting married, and i think i would love to! Obviously not in the near future or anything, but i think a few years down the road would be nice. I guess a girl can dream, right? I think planning a day that totally revolves around you, your tastes, and the love that you share with another person sounds really dreamy. Maybe i can convince him one day.

In keeping with the wedding theme, i'd thought i'd post some pretty wedding pictures. All these photos, kinda mixed together and shoved around as one, i think would be my dream wedding.

Dreamy, right? I know. I love it.

I better get going though. I've got to shower, do the brides hair, do my own hair and make up, paint my finger nails, enjoy the wedding and get in the car and drive home for three hours so i can make it to work on time. shew!


  1. I love wedding photography! has wonderful pictures, it makes me want to get married so bad.

  2. i will definitely check out that website! i don't think there is anything more beautiful than wedding photography!

  3. so dreamy! i like the bicycle picture, so sweet :]