Saturday, June 12, 2010

run kara run got a cute little face lift. so... you should check that out! i hope you like it!

it's not as personalized as i would like, but i did it all myself with the new blogspot designer deal. I think it's pretty cute, and almost exactly what i was aiming for, if i would have paid someone to do it(which i'm still really thinking about!). I think it looks a lot more classy than before and gives the reader a little something to look at. Now, if i could just figure out how to make a blog button, i'd be good to freaking go!

My air conditioner is still broken. So, i'm sitting over at Nathan's house until time to go to work. Then i've gotta go on back home. Not really forward to either!  I just can't wait until monday. That's when the little repairman is "supposed" to come fix the a.c. And he better come, or i am going to kill everyone. Totally not even kidding!

I've got to start getting ready for work.
xoxo, kara.

ps. I have a challenge for you fine folks. If i can get up to 50 followers within the month, i'm going to do a fancy little giveaway. All you have to do is the click the cute little follow button! You know you want to!


  1. looky looky! loving the new layout, lady! :D

  2. Kara Mounce.
    i just ran across your blog randomly. i miss you. i will be in good ole' somerset in a couple weeks. i need more of you in my life!