Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years eve!

well, happy new years ever everyone! i have been such a busy bee with work and the holidays and everything happening here lately.
but, it's new years eve and i actually don't have to work for once, so me and my bestie are going to parrtttyyyy! and our idea of partying is going to denny's around 9 pm, coming home, watching something on tv, and maybe drink a margarita. we're really wild and crazy!

it's a new year. and i've been thinking about a lot of things that i wanna do/accomplish.
here goes!

Goal list for 2010:
- save a lot of money and buy a kit and supplies to start screen printing. I've already dreamed up a name for myself, "pioneer printing" so, i think that's pretty legit. screen printing is something that i've wanted to do since about the 10th grade. and that's been about 6 years ago.

- renovate my basement. i need one half of it to be my living space. and i need another half of it to be my work space. 
- learn to sew! this is a really major one.
- make time everyday to make something.
- update my blog on a daily basis.
- figure out how to better balance my work life and doing leisure things.
- get an etsy shop going.
- potatoes are my passion in life. like, i'm completely obsessed with potatoes in every form. on august 3rd, i decided to stop eating french fries. and i have been completely 100% successful. so, i'm going to make the effort to stop eating potatoes that are filled with other things. no more loaded baked/mashed potatoes. no more hash browns. i'm going to try to lay off the grease, in general.
- heres the big one! i would really like to stop working a conventional job by the time i'm 23 years old. i know there are ladies out there who have really successful lives creating/selling their products online. as well as their vintage finds. this is my dream in life. i want to be self sufficient doing what i love doing. i know it's going to take a lot of hard work, but i think i'm ready for it.


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