Saturday, December 5, 2009

first snow of the season!

me and april took advantage of it!

today i was off work. so, we got up early this morning, got ready, and enjoyed the day! we went out for lunch and i ordered my first alcoholic drink for the first time, ever. and it was noon. ha! i'm glad i was with april and her mom. they were the perfect company. i was nervous. but, i'll have to admit it was delicious. and so was my burger. mmmm mmmm good.
we went to a junk/variety store place and it had some pretty good stuff. i didn't find much though, because i talk myself out of buying nearly everything. but, i did up leaving with a new pair of pajama pants. then we went to a peddlers mall, and april's mom bought me a real cute thermos for christmas. loved it.
i've been knitting since i got home this afternoon, all while watching harry potter. and i'm proably going to get into one of those kicks where i'm harry potter crazy for a month or so. i can't help it. i just think it's so badass. especially the prisoner of azkaban. i love the shit out of that stuff.
i'm tired. and i have to work tomorrow. 3:30 to 11pm. and then i work @ 8 am the next morning. what kind of sense does that even make? jeeez, i just LOVE walgreens.

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