Friday, December 18, 2009


it is snowing like crazy outside! and i loooooooove it! i also love that i don't have to work tomorrow, so i can have the laziest day ever! i'm totally going to enjoy it.

one week until christmas. i'm reminding myself it's only one day. 24 hours. it comes and goes. and it's going to be an entire year until it's here again. i have a really hard time convincing myself to love the holidays. i don't ever remember loving the holidays, or hating them. i just don't really have an opinion about it. i just know i could do without it, because they stress me out so much. maybe i'll eventually get into the swing of things.
but, i am happy to give everyone the gifts i got them.
still have a couple more things to buy. nothing major though.

i don't think i wanna take my christmas tree down. i think i might just leave it up and decorate it for all the seasons and holidays throughout the year.

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